Keep It Simple and Get to the Point

Our favorite business tip is the “GTTP” acronym (Get To The Point).

A top way to dazzle customers is by identifying and solving problems. We discuss this first element before inventing a new product category and photo scanning service.

Is there a need and are we keeping it simple and getting to the point?

Imagine the issues behind the scenes if you are confused about what a company does or how to place an order? The best “GTTP” example is a company’s website.

Check out what did–the top first impression explains what we do with photos–from scanning 35mm slides to digitizing photographs.

new website promo 300x291 - Keep It Simple and Get to the Point

When an eCommerce website looks more like a tornado of words, and confusing jargon, run. If, within a lightning-fast second, you are hard-pressed to identify what they do, click away.

Unless the product is a Broadway play when you read superlatives like “riveting,” “uproarious,” or “spectacular,” move on.

When we designed the new website and features, we focused on an average person’s attention span. Keep it simple and compellingly easy. Whether it is a press announcement or a promotional message, too many companies appear to be designed by someone who charges by the word.

When it comes to GTTP, can you identify any other websites that move you to what you are looking for faster than ScanMyPhotos?

From our brand name (“ScanMyPhotos”) to each menu item of services provided services, we want to be straightforward and easy to understand.


Click for the menu of the ScanMyPhotos service to make sure your pictures never fade away and disappear.

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