Everything Just Changed at ScanMyPhotos–New Website and More…

See What’s New At ScanMyPhotos.com–Everything!

This is transformative. Photo Scanning has never been easier because ScanMyPhotos.com just overhauled everything with a stunning new kind of website–designed to meet consumer demands.

After a year of website design and planning, today is the debut of the all-new ScanMyPhotos.com home. It was a collaborative effort designed with consumers in mind to rethink how pictures are digitized, safeguarded, and preserved.

This is hardly a “Grand Opening,” as ScanMyPhotos.com has preserved one billion pictures since 1990. Built on its 32 years of photo preservation experience and extensive customer feedback, the reason to reinvent everything was forged from this common complaint: “Your photo scanning is excellent, but your antiquated, prehistoric-looking website was clunky and old-school.”

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Eighty-two percent of the new features are invisible. The behind-the-scenes magic makes every button you click do really cool stuff to expedite your order to immediately get you exactly what you want.

24 Breakthrough ScanMyPhotos.com Features:

1. The website encompasses a new experience with a focus on uncluttered simplicity, performance, and usability

2. Gleaming modern 2022 design that re-imagines how to have pictures digitized

3. Easier, faster, super-fun shopping experience

4. Seamless and easy navigation to instantly get to what you want

5. Polished, sleek, and optimized for mobile devices

New ScanMyPhotos Website

6. Intuitive format that thinks like a customer rather than flooding the site with jargon and confusing perplexities

7. Detailed product information is written in simple English

What's New at ScanMyPhotos8. The entire website’s stunning navigation was reorganized around what people wanted most—photo scanning ordering as speedy-fast as ScanMyPhotos digitizes pictures

9. First-class shopping experience with a stunning new design and unmatched, sophisticated functionality that encourages everyone to convert to digital

10. The new customer service features work together seamlessly with highly custom functionality to deliver an unparalleled user experience

11. Detailed product specifications, shipping information, customer reviews, live support, and frequently asked questions are housed within one-click tabs

12. Informational guides

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13. ScanMyPhotos and Miva Merchant web design firm worked together to perform a brand revamp to help create a fun and interactive site that makes scanning pictures enjoyable, fun, and simple

14. Educational experience to help understand photo scanning and to learn tips and tricks for protecting your lifetime of nostalgic memories

15. A creative way to find exactly what you are looking for with the click of a button

16. Better, simplified shopping to experience immediately get you to what you are looking for

17. Enhanced support

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18. Optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers

19. Clean, uncluttered design to help find whatever you are looking for

20. Hurry over to the new deals page for special discounts to save you money

21. The entire navigation process was revamped with the fewest number of clicks to get you on your way

22. Enhanced focus on what matters most and four photo scanning dpi resolutions so you pay only for what you need.

23. Accessibility for ADA & WCAG compliance

24. 22x more intelligent ordering and help features including same-day scanning, long-term secured data storage, and instant uploading to view your completed order

Like at a fancy gourmet restaurant, if you want just an entrée, why should you pay for a buffet? ScanMyPhotos.com designed simple pay only for what you want pricing.

The online photo scanning company studied why people have their analog images scanned. The majority (53%) of families want to just upload photo content to popular photo-sharing apps. That is why 72 dpi “social media” photo scanning is provided. That service is also available when you need 600 dpi high resolution “professional” scanning. Choose from 72, 150, 300, and 600 dpi resolution for photos, and 2,000 – 4,000 dpi resolution for 35mm slides and film negatives.

People have waited decades to revisit and digitally preserve their lifetime of pictures. Yet, when the time comes to have everything scanned, there is an immediacy and often an urgency to get the project done right now.

Think of ScanMyPhotos.com like the old Kodak motto coined by George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, in 1888, “You Press The Button, We Do The Rest.” The new, seamless and straightforward website makes it uncomplicated. Within minutes, your order is processed. ScanMyPhotos.com then gets to work to professionally preserve your snapshots, slides, film negatives, VHS cassettes, home movie films, and more.


What's New at ScanMyPhotos