6 Must-Read Articles to Help You Keep Photos in Top Shape

Best Ways to Protect Your Photographs

The world is a dangerous place for photos. Light, temperature, humidity, skin oils, glue—all of this can all cause serious damage to photos over time. In the digital age, this is no big deal; photos can be reprinted from our computers or devices with the click of a button. But for our older photos, which are our most treasured, the results of neglect can be tragic.

[Tweet “The following six articles will provide tips, tricks, and services that will help keep photos in top shape.”]

The following six articles provide tips, tricks, and services that will help keep photos in top shape.


1. The Best Ways to Store Printed Photos


“Archival quality photo albums use plastic and paper materials that will not damage or deteriorate photos over the long-term.”


Are your photos stuffed in a box, collecting dust on a shelf? Are they slowly deteriorating in flimsy photo albums? Are they—gasp!—in your basement or attic? If so, it’s time to right these wrongs—start by reading this article right away.


2. Six Tips to Preserve Old Photos for Future Generations to Enjoy


“It’s highly recommended to use cotton gloves when handling photos. There are unseen oils and dirt on our hands that could do some serious damage to prints over time.”


This article is a comprehensive look at how photos should be treated, from storage to handling and everything in between—a must-read for the novice archiver.


3. Scanning service helps rescue old photos before they fade away


“When it comes to rescuing photos before they fade any further, ScanMyPhotos is a white knight.”


Making digital backups of your photos is crucial in the preservation process. Terry Gardner of the Chicago Tribune chronicles her experience with getting her family photos scanned and indexed before they faded away.


4. How to Pack Photos for Scanning & Shipping to ScanMyPhotos


“Get out your shoeboxes and storage boxes packed to the gills with photos of friends, family, and long-ago events, and we’ll preserve everything for you on an archival DVD.”


It’s not only important to keep your photos in good shape when storing them at home, but your treasured memories need the same TLC when shipping to ScanMyPhotos, too. Get tips on how to pack your photos for shipping before sending your collection to us for digital backup.


5. How do you remove a photo stuck to glass? Here are some ideas


“First and foremost, before you do ANYTHING, make a digital backup of the image. If something goes wrong while you are trying to peel the photo off, the picture could be ruined.”


A photo that sits too long in a frame can be a ticking time bomb—read this article before attempting to remove an old photo from its longtime home.


6. Photograph Preservation 101: How to Get Glue off of Photos


“If you try using force or ripping the photos off the pages, you run the risk of ruining the photos forever. Fortunately, we can help.”


Don’t let old adhesive ruin your photos! These tips will help you extricate pics from a sticky situation.


The most important step to photo preservation is making a digital backup in case the worst happens. Send us your boxes of photos to be scanned today!