Southern Living: “Expert Tips for Organizing Old Photos”

Top Photo Organizing Tips: Southern Living Magazine profiles how to organize and digitize your old photo snapshots.

The experts at Southern Living Magazine shared these top tips to organize your old photos. Time to gather all your family snapshots to organize and share all. These expert tips will help get you started.

Written by Perri Ormont Blumberg, Senior Staff Writer at Meredith, these smart ideas will help inspire many to revisit and uncluttered their nostalgia photographs.

Excerpt: Expert Tips for Organizing All Your Old Photos

Spending so much time at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic has been hard, but one bright spot for people has been the downtime it’s afforded us to tackle long overdue household tasks. Some have finally painted that dresser with the teal paint that’s been sitting in the closet since last fall. Others have gotten their pantry organized like a Marie Kondo superstar. Many have taken to reminiscing over old family photos. Oh, have there been pictures!

IMG 1057 300x225 - Southern Living: "Expert Tips for Organizing Old Photos"Hire a service to scan your photos for you.



Services like will also do the brunt work for you in digitizing and organizing your memories, with their most popular offering being “fill-the-box” photo scanning, starting at $145 with free shipping to archive about 1,800 photos digitally. “Choose between 72 dpi resolution for social media sharing to 600 dpi resolution for the highest professional archival photo scanning,” advises Mitch Goldstone, CEO of



Now, dearest readers, if you’ll be so kind as to excuse us now, we’ve got a 1970 trip to Thailand to revisit. And piles and piles of pictures to get organized. Cue the 1940s swing music and let’s get started.


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What Are The Best Ways To Label Family Photos?

PEOPLE FINDER TIPS: How to identify and label family photos

Among the top questions we receive each day at is how to label scanned pictures? These people finder tips can help discover who are those long-gone relatives and people in your photo albums.

There are so many unidentified people peering out of those decades-past snapshots. They look familiar but who are they?

Tips to identify people in photos:

  • Start by flipping the photo over. Are there any notations on the back?
  • Use “Google Photos.” On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Photos app .
    Tap Menu Settings Group similar faces.
    If you haven’t already, turn on Face grouping.
    Under “No face labeled as Me,” tap Choose.
    Select your face. Tap OK. This will automatically turn on “Allow contacts to recognize your face.”
  • Verge: “Google Photos has always been able to automatically recognize faces and sort them for you, which makes managing your library far easier than having to tag people manually. But the system misses faces sometimes, and there’s never been a way to correct it. Once this feature rolls out — and Google says it’s rolling out now — you’ll finally be able to add in many of the faces it’s been missing.”
  • Google Image Recognition creates an ideal tool for searching people in pictures. The tool scours the web for images that appear similar to the one you have uploaded.

Android Central: How to manually tag faces. Tagging faces is a great way to easily index your photos, but before, you needed to let Google do all of the work, with the only manual option being confirming automatic tags. Now, you can do the tagging yourself in just a few simple steps.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Edward Land and Polaroid

History of Edward Land and PolaroidWe are always inspired by professional landscaping photographer Todd Dominey and his educational vlogs. Todd’s newest profile showcases the extraordinary story of famed inventor Edward Land and how the Polaroid instant photography SX-70 camera was invented.

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