4 Things to Know Before Any Photo Scanning Project

SMP Photo Scanning Project 300x199 - 4 Things to Know Before Any Photo Scanning ProjectHave you been tasked with preserving the family photos? Do you have boxes of photos in the attic that need to be digitized? Are trying to downsize and clutter your home?

Don’t worry, with proper planning and prep work, this project can be a breeze to accomplish—and fun, too!

In order to help you tackle your photo scanning project as efficiently as possible, here are four tips you should know before jumping in.

1. How to get photos off of glass

Of course, some of our most treasured photos are the ones we put into frames to proudly display on our walls, desks, countertops, and mantles. But this display method also makes the photo susceptible to getting stuck on the frame’s glass.

If you don’t have duplicates, you’ll need to carefully remove these photos from the glass before your project.

When and if a tear does happen, don’t worry, ScanMyPhotos can help you restore your photo’s beauty.

2. How to remove glue

Another tricky situation to consider before your photo scanning project is how to remove glue from your pictures. Whether you need to peel a photo out of a sticky album or gently scrape away scrapbooking glue, read up on these ScanMyPhotos before making any attempts:

3. How to prep photos for scanning

Assuming you decide to send your photos to get scanned at ScanMyPhotos (rather than waste hours, days, and even weeks attempting to scan them all by hand), you’ll need to prep a few things before pulling your pictures together. This video will give you a full breakdown of what you’ll need for the project.

4. Why you should divide and conquer

The phrase “many hands make light work,” applies nicely to a photo scanning project. We often hear our customers say that the project went quickly when they enlisted help.

So, before any scanning project, try to schedule a day to have family members over to get involved. You can use the time to sort through the photos quickly, while also spending some time revisiting treasured memories.

Ready to get started? Check out our Photo Scanning options to find the best course of action for your big project.