3 Reasons You Need to Start Using Instagram Stories

SMP instagram 1323392 1920 267x300 - 3 Reasons You Need to Start Using Instagram StoriesInstagram lovers, listen up!


Whether you’re on the quest to become an Instagram star, or simply want to take your profile up a notch, the best strategy on how to stand out on this popular social media platform is shifting. 


While posting to your feed regularly, using hashtags, and responding to comments used to be a great strategy to build a solid following, the current trend is all about using Instagram Stories. 


Since launching their Stories feature in August 2016, Instagram has incrementally added more and more updates. You can now include boomerang videos in your Stories, add mentions, hashtag stickers, link to outside URLs, and–most recently–add selfie filters that mirror the floral crowns and bunny ears that made Snapchat such a sensation.  

With that said, don’t stop regularly posting images and videos anytime soon! Those options are still a necessary part of having a stellar account. But with all the new Stories features rolling out, placing your focus on sharing Stories is more important than ever. 


So, check out these three reasons why using Instagram Stories will take your profile to the next level.


Insta Stories come up first


It’s tempting to ignore that first row of Stories, especially if, after years of scrolling, you’ve gotten used to only looking at your feed. But the fact that stories are first on both the “Home” page and in the “Explore” section points to its importance. 


A lot of users are spending more of their time looking at Stories, so if you really want to get noticed, creating daily Stories is a great place to start. 


How often should you add a story? If you’re truly trying to build engagement, posting an average of three to five a day is the way to go. 


It doesn’t have to be perfect


Since Stories can only be viewed for 24 hours, you can feel free to share the real, less curated moments.


While your main Instagram grid can still be filled with beautiful landscape shots and wow-worthy meals, Stories is a place to share the more candid parts of your daily life (making it a great way to connect with loved ones who may also use the platform). 


This is your chance to get creative 


With the options to doodle, draw, add text, or play videoes backwards (just to name a few!) there are countless opportunities to get creative. 


Plus, you no longer have to worry about posting too much. So, next time you’re at a wedding, go ahead and add all those pictures you took of the bride and groom using the story feature. 


Did we convince you to post more to Instagram Stories? Mention us @ScanMyPhotos in your next story!