5 Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Never Forget

Mom deserves the best. She’s always been there for you when you needed her most, and she continues to be your biggest cheerleader. With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to think about how to make her feel special and loved. Since the best Mother’s Day gifts are often the ones that bring us back to our favorite memories, we’ve created a list of personalized ideas that are sure to please.


Celebrate mom in a way she’ll think about for years to come. Take a look below for our five ideas for sentimental and meaningful Mother’s Day gifts:


1. Make a custom playlist to take her back


Create a list of songs from mom’s favorite concerts and bands that she loved growing up. Are there any songs you remember her singing at home or in the car when you were younger? Which songs does she like to sing along with today? And, if you happen to know what played at her wedding, add those tunes in too. You can also get help by asking family members for suggestions.


Once you’ve pulled together your list of songs, you can A) create a playlist on a sharing site like Spotify, B) burn her a CD or C) email mom a digital file of the mix. Just don’t forget to include a sweet note!


2. Give her engraved jewelry


Send Mom a personal message with a piece of engraved jewelry. Choose a bracelet that tells her you to love her, a necklace with the names of her children on the back, or anything else you can imagine. In fact, there are even options that will allow you to engrave photos on jewelry. Imagine the look on Mom’s face when you give her a necklace with her children’s smiling faces etched onto the pendant!


3. Digitize her favorite home videos


It’s likely that your mom hasn’t seen the family home videos in some time–probably since the last time your family owned a functioning VCR! So, just picture how much mom would love to dive back into those treasured memories!


But before you start hunting down a working VCR, we recommend creating digital files of 8mm or VHS tapes. Not only will this be a more accessible way to show mom these classic videos, but it’ll also ensure the preservation of these memories for years to come.


4. Create a digital version of her favorite album


This is the time to use your stealth skills and digitize an album right off mom’s bookcase. Simply head over to mom’s house, and select something like her wedding, college, or a special family vacation album. From there you’ll want to carefully remove the pictures and then send us the images to scan and digitize.


You can then give Mom easy access to all her favorite memories by creating an online slideshow, publishing a special Facebook album (don’t forget to tag her in it!), or saving them as a scrolling desktop background on her computer. 


5. Have a photo professionally framed


There’s nothing like seeing a meaningful shot expertly framed in your home. A quality mat and frame elevates all photographs and can turn them into true works of art.


For a Mother’s Day gift, choose an old photo or a recent snapshot you know will make Mom smile (be sure to create a digital copy of the picture before you frame it, and ask the frame shop for acid-free mats to help preserve it). Then take the photo to a high-quality frame shop near you. And don’t be afraid to ask the shop owner for suggestions on choosing the right look for the photo. 


If you need help restoring an old photo or are ready to transform those analog memories into digital keepsakes, then contact us today. We can help you get your old photos and videos digitized in time for Mother’s Day!