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customer-serviceYou’ve heard from us… for 25-years now, but what are people saying who had digitize their photos, 35mm slides and film negatives? What were they pleased about, or expressed concerns on?  Here is a sampling of customer feedback shared with


Great Service! I’ve just about got all my photos scanned Very convenient and great job!
December 08, 2015


Awesome customer service! They scanned 1,000 odd/sized pictures representing my whole life – even my wedding pictures – also my baby pictures! The package arrived today This will be a very special Christmas present for my children!
November 29, 2015


Have been happy with all the photos that I have sent to them Be sure and upgrade to 600 dpi
November 24, 2015


Easy to work with, great service!
November 24, 2015


Super easy to use and they do a wonderful job I have had them scan at least 10,000 photos over the past year with no problems they update you with emails along the process Would highly recommend and will continue to use!
November 18, 2015


Be very specific in how you want your photos scanned as they are not always in the order in which they are submitted
November 18, 2015


Customer Reviews


It is a GREAT service to keep your pictures safe
November 17, 2015


I would highly recommend this company and have sent many pictures for them to scan I have been very happy with the results as well as the quick turnaround time They notified me when they received my package, when they started processing and when they sent the pictures back It was scary to send my first package in but they were sensitive to the importance of the pictures, keeping you in the loop and getting them back to you safely
November 15, 2015


They do good work, just make sure you follow the instructions when you send in your photos
November 14, 2015


Follow their instructions and the results are great!
November 13, 2015



Great service
November 03, 2015


ScanMyPhotos digitized one-quarter billion pictures

Very happy with my picture disk. I had some very old pictures all different sizes and wasn’t sure how they would come out, ScanMyPhotos did a fantastic job. So happy I could upgrade to have the different sizes scanned.
October 08, 2015


Pay for the enhanced resolution for older photo’s. For digitized photo’s the 300 resolution was good enough but I think the 600 would have been better. Sorry I didn’t go for it.
September 29, 2015


Easy to ask questions and get truthful answers quickly. I like the email notifications of receipt and processing.
September 29, 2015


Perfect experience!
September 28, 2015


Very happy with the service and efficiency of ScanMyPhotos. The instructions for sending in the photos are so good that I really don’t have any other tips. I get emails when they receive the photos, when they start scanning and when they send them out. Helps to ease the worries of sending photos off.
September 22, 2015


The people at were incredibly helpful! I got my CD with my photos within a week!
September 21, 2015


Great work.
September 16, 2015


Be sure to read all the small print BEFORE sorting out pictures for shipping to have them scanned. Could’ve save me a lot of time.
September 14, 2015


I have been getting progress updates and shipping info. It puts one at easy when waiting for precious pictures to come back.
September 14, 2015


Just received my first batch of 3,000 photos back from ScanMyPhotos. The pictures look wonderful on the disks. I would definitely recommend their upgrades. Can’t wait to send out the next batch of 3,000!!!
September 10, 2015


This rate is bare bones minimum. There are many extras, some of which you’ll want. It’s probably still a good deal.
September 08, 2015


It is great to have all my photo’s scanned in of our girls when they were younger. Put all my photos in a photo box and no longer have the bulky photo albums taking up space.
September 08, 2015


Follow their instructions and it’s a breeze
September 01, 2015


Follow their instructions and the results are great!
August 27, 2015


Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, read the contract carefully, follow the instructions. This is not hard but you need to pay attention.
August 24, 2015 is great! I was nervous sending my photos all the way to California from Massachusetts as my photos are precious memories, scan my photos was great as soon as they received them they scanned them and I received my photos back within a week i sent them!! They don’t scan them in order, if you want it scanned in order you have to check the scan in order on the order form and it will cost you extra. This service is Great I didn’t have to sit and scan all of my 2,000 photos by myself which would’ve taking awhile and now I have all my photos on a DVD and USB which take up less space then the 7 big photos albums I had.
August 03, 2015


Great service! Was very happy with them.
July 30, 2015


Excellent results! Can not believe how nicely my 50 year old photos scanned onto the DVD. Also great communication from scanners while order was in progress. ScanMyPhotos has my trust! I will continue to use.
July 27, 2015


This service was very affordable compared to other local photo scan services. It’s important that the photos are the size specified. I had my measurements wrong, so I paid extra. But, still cheaper than doing it locally. Very nice, friendly staff.
July 27, 2015


It is a lot of work organizing and sizing, but the end result is worth all the trouble
July 17, 2015


I just uploaded the photos and was so pleased that they did my shots in “order” of years. I had bundled the photos into years of vacation photos and put an index card with dates on top. That was scanned and we followed in sequence. So happy that I did this…now I can eliminate a box of prints and just have the one CD!
July 16, 2015


You can ship in the post office flat rate box, it’s much cheaper to mail and you get tracking and insurance included.
July 07, 2015


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Photo Scanning Weekly Journal


The Journal:
December 8, 2015

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Photography Tips
Photography Tip

If you are graced with snow during the holidays, ensure your outdoor photos taken in the snow turn out beautifully by adjusting your camera’s exposure compensation feature from manual to +1 or +2. If you don’t, your camera will overcompensate for the bright snow by underexposing the picture.

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“When someone close to you dies, you get more attached to material items-specifically, photos. So with my mom’s photos I was concerned about getting them back safely once I shipped them to ScanMyPhotos. But it was very easy, and very good across the board.”

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6 Tips to Preserve Old Photos for Future Generations to Enjoy

Preserve Old Photos

The most popular method for storing old photos is one of the most damaging. That’s right, stuffing a box with photos, negatives, and/or slides and packing it away in the basement is like turning your memories into a ticking time bomb.

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Antique Photos

Don’t leave the fate of irreplaceable keepsakes to chance. Follow these guidelines to preserve your photos for many years to come.

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