A Minor Photo-Scanning Mistake Leads to a Heart-Warming Discovery

a heart-warming discovery

A young Melissa, ready to take some photos


When ScanMyPhoto’s customer Melissa Mayberry’s mother found out she was terminally ill, she began to sort through all her things to give her most valuable possessions to her children. As the oldest, Melissa was placed in charge of the boxes of photos her mother had stored in her home.


“After receiving the boxes, I looked through them briefly. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure who the people were in the photos, but I knew I had to keep them safe for my mom. What if there was a fire or flood? I had to do something and the reality is: no one has the time to sit down and scan in thousands of photos.”


So wanting to avoid the lengthy photo-scanning process she had attempted in the past, Melissa found ScanMyPhotos online and purchased a Pre-Paid Photo Scanning Box

“When someone close to you dies, you get more attached to material items—specifically, photos. So with my mom’s photos, I was concerned about getting them back safely once I shipped them to ScanMyPhotos. But it was very easy, and very good across the board.”


There was, however, one slight hiccup in Melissa’s ScanMyPhotos experience—and it was one of those things that definitely happened for a reason.


a heart-warming discovery

Melissa’s mother and father back in the 70’s – so beautiful!

“My mom died when I was 39. The following year, when I turned 40, all I wanted for my birthday was to hear from my mom. I missed her so much—she was my person. We were very close, and it was so hard to give her up. I had those 11 months to say goodbye and I managed to fit in as much as I could, but I still wanted to communicate with her in some way for my 40th.”


It was at this point, ScanMyPhotos had to send the box of photos back to Melissa. When she first packaged and shipped the photos to the company, she had forgotten to organize them by size.


As she was going back through the photos to bundle them up into the right sizes, a letter fell out—a letter Melissa failed to see when she had previously rummaged through the pictures.


The letter was addressed to a 27-year-old Melissa and it was from her mother. It contained all the encouragement and loving words Melissa needed to hear—a message tucked away and kept safe from time, and delivered to her right when she needed it the most.



a heart-warming discovery

Another gorgeous photo of Melissa, her mother and her sister

Her 40th birthday wish had come true.


Now, Melissa has given DVDs of the photos to her family members and enjoys looking through them to re-connect with her family’s past.


“You’re never going to say I wish didn’t have that photo or I wish I didn’t upload this one. There is nothing more valuable than photos. Nothing.”


We couldn’t agree more.