Awesome Artistic Ideas For All Your Scanned Photos

We love to hear what our recent customers did with their newly digitized photos and videos. It’s not uncommon to find out that those old photos are currently making their way around social media, finding a new home safely stored on a Google Photos account, and/or popping up each week in time for the popular #tbt (Throwback Thursday hashtag).


In addition to digitally saving and sharing those old photos, there are a ton of items you can create that will honor those memories for years to come. Check out the following list for some of our favorite artistic ideas for all your scanned photos.


Create a beautiful ornament


While ornaments are usually associated with the holiday season, these trinkets are also a nice accent to add to any décor, regardless of the time of year. When the ornament features a touching photo, it’ll add something to the room’s aesthetic design while also displaying a cherished memory. The Exposures website has a few any-time-of-year options that you’ll want to check out.


Design a personalized case for your DVD


The DVDs of scanned photos and transferred videos we send to customers hold a lifetime’s worth of memories—and we think those memories absolutely deserve their own special case. has plenty of options that will allow you to create a DVD case you’ll want to proudly display on your entertainment center.


Cuddle up with photos of the good times


A blanket of memories is perfect—and functional—for decorating a dorm or family room with a collage of smiling faces and fond memories. Photoweavers can make any type of blanket or tapestry you can imagine, tailored to your specifications.


Light up your life


When you add a special photo to a nightlight, lampshade, or candle holder, then your loved ones will continue to light up the room, even when they’re not close by. While the color photo options are nice, we love the classic look of the black and white scanned photos and the shadows they cast with the light.


Put the pieces of your family’s history back together


Another beautiful and unique way to honor special photos is to turn one of your scanned antique family photos into a puzzle portrait. The whole family will enjoy spending quality time as they piece the photo back together.


Decorate the house with memories


Have a beautiful photo that you’d like to see on a larger-than-life scale? Simply take the picture and use it to create a custom wallpaper or a window cling.


No matter which artwork you decide to create, be sure to send us those print photos or old videos first! The more photos you scan, the more pieces of art and wonderful memories you’ll have to choose from.