The Joys of Skipping Down Memory Lane Knowing Those Memories are Safe: One Customer Story

When was founded, we were determined to do three things: deliver high-quality scans to our customers; do it better and faster than anyone else; and provide the best, most thorough, and most cheerful customer service every single time.

One of our customers, Nancy Reale, was particularly blown away by our commitment to customer service. She had never heard of us until she found us on Groupon, so she didn’t quite know what to expect. Here’s her story:

What did you like most about working with


They answered questions quickly and were easy to get a hold of them – and they were great about everything! I asked them to hold an order because my husband and I were going on a trip, and they did, no problem. Also, there weren’t any hidden charges. If something was going to cost $20 extra, like when I sent them a mixed batch of photos in different sizes, they let us know and that’s exactly what they charged.

What did you send?


We sent them photos – 7,500! – from around 1972 to pretty current. I bought eight Groupons – four for me, and four for my husband. Mostly they were very organized in 38 albums.

What made you decide to get your photos scanned, and what are you going to do with them now?


We are putting them into the safety deposit box so we can’t lose them. We had five or seven different tornadoes in 2011 that destroyed everything. And I said, ‘You know what we need to do? Most people regret losing their pictures. We ought to have these in my safety deposit box.’

Our intention is to save them and give them to family members.

Were there any photos you forgot about?


Oh for sure! Events, trips, places, and people. We have eight discs, so I’ll put one on the TV and it’ll play like a slideshow.

What was fun for younger generations to discover?


They get a big kick out of seeing their dad at 18, for example. It is also a lot of fun to send people pictures of them when they were young.

Can you share a story about someone you had forgotten about?


When we lived in Des Moines, Iowa, my daughter would go play with this lady’s children – her name was Bev Davis – a lot. Bev was a great lady and was the odd single mother in our neighborhood and doing a great job raising her wo kids. Bev was fun, she was very creative – she made films for companies. She was very avant-garde and the kids would get all dressed up and create characters and run around the neighborhood. It was great fun, and it was fun to reminisce about it with my daugher, Anita.

Nancy's daughter Anita, all dressed up while playing

Nancy’s daughter Anita, all dressed up while playing

Another dress up photo

Another dress up photo

Bev's daughter Cece with Anita playing dress up

Bev’s daughter Cece with Anita playing dress up

Circa 1991!

Circa 1991!