USPS Flat-rate Boxes Help Photo Scanning Business

USPS helps ScanMyPhotos keep costs down in order to offer affordable photo scanning


When you look at these boxes from the outside, it just says Priority Mail and has our logo on it but it’s what is on the inside that is so precious and invaluable. As film transitioned to digital I had to do something. There are about three and a half trillion photo snapshots tucked away in people’s homes and what ScanMyPhotos does is we digitize everything so people can share and preserve all of the precious family memories.
There’s no way I could have created, where people order prepaid boxes online to fill up with all their pictures, if it wasn’t for the Priority Mail flat-rate boxes. And the reason is that each box weighs about seventeen pounds. That would cost thirty-five, forty dollars to ship to the furthest regions and now with the flat-rate boxes it is exponentially less.
It’s not just photos. You can fill any time of product you sell, especially e-commerce-wise, in these boxes. It’s enormously successful for us as business owners. One of the benefits of flat-rate boxes is tracking because our customers need to know to the second where their most precious possessions are so this is kind of the future of shipping.
The priority flat-rate mailboxes invented my entire business and I can’t help but think of all of the millions of other people that are dreaming of starting their own business that can do crazy, great things too, using the same flat-rate boxes.