I *Heart* ScanMyPhotos.com


Dearest Shanon (& EVERYONE who helped with my order),

4 being absolutely fabulous in every way possible!

U R SO deeply appreciated 4 being you.

With Love,
Heather & Chet D.


It’s clear: customers are in love with ScanMyPhotos.com. Today our Vice President of Customer Experience, Shannon, received a massive, heartfelt gift basket from Heather D., a wonderful customer she helped over the phone. Check out this gift basket!!


As you can see, Shannon received an amazing supply of chocolates and lots of other delicious snacks — all thanks to one very happy customer.


This is what ScanMyPhotos.com is all about: a personalized, warm customer experience. We work with people’s most precious and irreplaceable possessions – their photos – and we take pride in helping each customer with their unique scanning needs.