Customer Loves Photo Soap Enhancements to Scanned Photos

Upon receiving her scanned photos from, Lisa B. from Lincoln, Nebraska sent us an email letting us know how much she loves her digitized photos:

I have received my photos today and they look great!  Thank you very much for your rapid response to my request.  I really appreciate your efforts.  I know that I will use ScanMyPhotos again in the future.  I especially love the photo soap! 

Thank you again!
Lisa B. 
Lincoln, NE


photoSoap - Customer Loves Photo Soap Enhancements to Scanned PhotosLisa wrote that she “especially love[s] the photo soap!” What is Photo Soap, you ask? Photo Soap incorporates face detection technology and brings out the true nature of your photos by adjusting contrast levels to a more natural level, correcting skin tones, and sharpening your image through a computerized image correction process. See these examples of actual photos we have run through Photo Soap, and check out the side-by-side comparison.

While Photo Soap can greatly improve the final quality of your scanned photos, it is an automated process using advanced algorithms during the scanning process to automatically detect and correct your images. Individual results will vary from order to order, photo to photo. Photo Soap does not fix cracks, tears, dirt or other physical flaws in the photograph. If you need your photo repaired, please try our Photo Restoration.