Photo Sharing Apps’ Biggest Problem SOLVED

Do you share photos online? In today’s all-digital world, if you are like most tech savvy disbursers of information, the most commonplace pictures shared are of what you ate last night or those instant moments captured on your mobile device. But, there are 3.5 trillion old school photo snapshots that are still analog.


The challenges for the top photo sharing apps, and cloud storage services like DropBox and Box is how to digitize those past nostalgic memories. #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) is another popular trending tool for showing off pictures from decades ago.   Each of the below photo sharing apps, along with all the rest have a bog problem. Faced with trillions of still analog pictures, the biggest problem in photography is how to easily and affordably get pictures scanned. Using a bulk photo scanning service like is a smart solution for revisiting past pictures to then upload and share. What is your favorite photo sharing app and are you using it for also sharing past pictures that are now digital?


Our Favorite Photo Sharing Apps and tools:


Facebook Camera is the fastest way to share photos with your close friends and family members on Facebook. Browse through a feed of your friends photos, upload multiple photos at once, and add filters to make your photos look unique.


Instagram lets you customize your photos and videos with custom built filter effects and cinematic stabilization. Share unlimited photos and videos in a photo stream.


Snapchat is used for sharing personal photos and funny videos with friends. Snap a photo or a video, send it to your friends, and it will instantly disappear in seconds after they view it.


Flickr fans take photos with the app and instantly share images with Flickr groups, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. There are filters, editing features to share those high-resolution photos.


Dropbox is a cloud storage leader for archiving and sharing your photos with easy access from your mobile device. The free service includes up to 2GB if data. The average order, where 2,500 pictures are digitized is more like 6GB, which requires an upgrade to the DropBox Pro service. Continue reading

Forbes: “Worth Every Penny”

Having digitized more than one-quarter billion analog photos is a weighty endeavor, but forbes logo - Forbes: "Worth Every Penny"something equally as celebratory just happened.  If you are a longtime fan of, you have followed the media profiles explaining how we help preserve generations of photo snapshots. Here is our newest media profile from Forbes’ contributor Tony Bradley, who covers trends and new technologies that impact real people.   Excerpt:

There are services, now, that take the pain out of that process. I wrote about last year. You load all of your print photos in a box and ship them off to ScanMyPhotos. A week or two later, you get all of your print photos back along with a DVD and/or USB thumb drive containing all of the scanned images. The service wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny, in my opinion. Now is offering a very affordable package that makes it a virtual no-brainer. I guarantee that you won’t regret the investment if your house burns down and all of your print photographs are turned to ash.  Do yourself a favor. Get out all of your photo albums and shoeboxes filled with print photographs and get them scanned. Then you can do your part to contribute to the storage economy, and share your old memories with the world every #TbT to fuel social media.

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The Photo Scanning Gift That Keeps On Giving

Antique photo of Patricia Fee's mother

Antique photo of Patricia Fee’s mother

It’s tricky to find just the right gift for loved ones. We often spend hours hunting online or in the stores to find a gift that’s sentimental, exciting, and useful. Fortunately for Pat Fee, ScanMyPhotos would help her give the perfect gift to her children this Christmas—and it was one that would keep on giving.


Pat discovered ScanMyPhotos right before the holiday season and decided to take advantage.


“We’re in the middle of downsizing/moving and had tubs and tubs of photos. It’s been a six-month process sorting through everything—the photos go as far back as my mother’s childhood.”


Pat sent us 4,000 photos to be scanned—some of which were of her grandmother and possibly dated back to the late 1800s.


“You’re basically entrusting ScanMyPhotos with your life—and your lineage. I was sending my whole life away boxes and it was scary. But after talking with your customer service, I felt completely at ease. You guys have great communication and are extremely responsive. It’s the best thing I ever did,” Pat told me.


So how did these photos end up as a Christmas gift?

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Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY: Scan your old photos

Fans of will enjoy this USA Today Tech Talk behind-the-scenes view for how easily and affordable it is to scan your pictures.


[I]t’s time to finally get your analog photos digitized, scanned and archived. USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham visits, which uses high speed scanners to process 250,000 photos daily.


IRVINE, Calif, – It’s a new year and time to finally take care of that long-neglected project– digitizing your old analog photos and archiving them. Scanning is still the most efficient, and affordable way to do that.


Many of you may be wondering–do people still scan photos anymore? Aren’t we in the digital age?


That was my thought, as I started pulling even more old photos out of the closet to get archived in the new year. I had a full box’s worth, and brought them down to here, a business that does nothing but scan old photos, negative and slides for folks.


Scanmyphotos has digitized over 250 million photos over the last 5 years, “which may sound like a lot,” the company’s president Mitch Goldstone told me. “But there are still 3 and a half trillion analog photos, spanning multiple generations. So it’s huge.”


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6 Fun Holiday E-cards for Sending Season’s Greetings to Loved Ones

Christmas 40-4It’s never too late to celebrate the season with some fun holiday e-cards. We pulled together a list of our favorite fun, funky, and totally free e-card sites that are sure to bring lots of smiles to your loved ones.


Before you dive in and create some memorable season’s greetings, remember to use those scanned photos! Inserting old pics will bring a vintage theme to your holiday e-cards, while fostering fond memories and good will.

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