Millions Get Nostalgic With Photos Every Thursday During #TBT

TBT RulesA sizzling hot trend in social media happens every Thursday. From celebrity baby photos to average social networking fans sharing yesteryear family celebrations, millions of people are having fun and getting nostalgic by sharing their decades of rediscovered legacy photo snapshots during ‘Throwback Thursday’ [“#TBT”].
Even businesses are adopting this online sensation by sharing long forgotten photo flashbacks when their companies were just starting out. Casinos in Las Vegas are a fun example to view legendary buildings of yesteryear and famous luminaries on immense vintage marquee signs which are no longer with us.
“Posting old pictures from your childhood to 1980’s-style fashions on leading social media platforms is easy, just include the “TBT” Hash tag. The challenging part is how to get thousands of analog pictures and 35mm slides digitalized; that is where plays an integral role. Nearly 45% of all our photo digitization orders worldwide are linked to people participating in ‘Throwback Thursday,’” said Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO,


“There is an urgency to digitize analog photos to preserve all those breathtaking pop culture and family memories. The #1 new reason is ‘Throwback Thursday,’” according to Goldstone who along with Co-owner, Carl Berman’s company has digitized hundreds of millions of images. Customer order prepaid fill-the-box photo scanning on the company’s E-Commerce Web site to simplify the scanning process. This includes free three-way shipping and a catalogue of other popular add-on scanning services.
To view millions of nostalgic photo memories, surf the leading social media Web sites and include one of these two popular Hash tags: #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday


#TBT sample

#TBT of yours truly.

For added fun, here is the oldest photo of me that I have access to here at the office, circa 2005 at the first Grant Park Lollapalooza, fallen faux-hawk and all.