How to Photograph Babies: 7 Tips That Will Make You Ooh and Aah

I was reminded how difficult it is to photograph babies when I went to visit my friends and their newborn son last week. Capturing his sweet little face and tiny little body wrapped up in a blanket was really, really hard. I shot him from above, and well, it didn’t do him justice.
So, I did some research around how to photograph babies in a way that truly captures their adorableness. Here’s what I found:
1. Lay down next to them
This is one thing we definitely didn’t do enough with our own kids: Lay on the floor or bed next to the baby. You’ll end up with shots taken on his level rather than looking down at him.
2. Opt for simple backgrounds
When you’re taking portrait-style shots, clear out the clutter and opt for a neutral, basic background. You can place the baby on a soft white or cream sheet or blanket draped over his boppy pillow or laid out on a bed.

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