Customers Review ScanMyPhotos

As mentioned in a previous post, ScanMyPhotos has improved the workflow for scanning photos by over 300% and the comments from customers have been overwhelming. Here are just a smattering of quotes regarding the ScanMyPhotos service, as gathered by an independent third party.

  • They did an awesome job. I went with the standard pixel and they turned out great.
  • Great & Fast Service. Did exactly what they said they would do. Working on getting another shipment to them soon.
  • When my daughter was a baby there were no digital cameras so I wanted to have all of her baby pictures converted to digital but didn’t know where to go to do this. …[S]ent them off and now I have all of those precious pictures saved on my photo website and have a CD with all of them on it. Takes a little time to go through your pictures and get them organized but so worth the effort! ScanMyPhotos did a great job with the scans and got my pictures back to me safe and sound.
  • They were good about sending emails at every stage of the process…when my order was received, processed, done and sent back to me.
  • I was very happy with the DVD’s and thumb drive that arrived with the scanned photos. I wish I had ordered additional index books to share with my children. Great job and well worth the price.
  • Be organized and the scans will come back wonderful!
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A Forgotten 1912 Photo Brings Family Memories Flooding Back to Life

Pat’s mother is second from left, seated. Click for larger view.

Pat’s mother is second from left, seated. Click for larger view.

Imagine finding a nearly destroyed photo in the pages of a book and realizing it is your mother, her sisters, and her brother – taken circa 1912 on their farm in a tiny town in rural Georgia. When Pat Humphries was given the photo by a cousin, she knew she had to salvage it somehow – and that’s how she found ScanMyPhotos.

Here is her story, told during a lively phone interview from her home in Michigan:

Why did you choose ScanMyPhotos?


I looked it up on the Internet. My cousin found the picture in a book, and it was beat up beyond compare. My cousin and I knew they were our mothers, but we couldn’t tell who was who. We thought my uncle was one of my aunts because he was in a dress!

Once I got the picture I thought, ‘I know with today’s technology that something can be done,’ so that’s what prompted me to look up picture restoration. Luckily my mother’s youngest sister – she’s still alive and is 92 – my mother was 95 when she passed…

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