Surprise: Even Millenials Need Photo Scanning

Julie Ann Williams at St. Thomas University

Julie Ann Williams at St. Thomas University in 2004

When it comes to photos, Julie Ann Williams is a typical Millenial. She snaps photos with her smartphone and stores them in the cloud. But, she is old enough to also have plenty of printed photos, some from high school and some from college – and of course she needed photo scanning for those.


“I had all these boxes of photos lying around, and I thought it would be so great to get rid of them and have them digitally,” she told me. “It was a lot work to scan them myself, so I bought a Groupon for ScanMyPhotos.”


Yes, she said “get rid of them” – she’s a Millenial, remember?


Unfortunately, Julie Ann ran into a few issues when she sent her box in – but that also meant she got to experience ScanMyPhotos’ stellar customer service.

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