Ready for #CES2024? Learn expert networking tactics and CES tips.

Ready for #CES2024? Learn expert networking tactics and CES tips.Welcome, CESยฎ rockstars! As we gear up for the much-anticipated #CES2024, imagine a bustling maze of innovation, a cacophony of excitement, and an atmosphere crackling with anticipation for the next groundbreaking tech revelation. Las Vegas, Nevada, is poised to transform into the global consumer electronics and technology epicenter from January 9-12, 2024. To make your CES 2024 experience your most epic adventure, we have compiled a treasure trove of time-saving and money-saving tips. has you covered, from storytelling to networking prowess, comfort strategies, and harnessing the power of digitized photo memories to share on all the gadgets and photo-sharing devices at CES.

This curated list of tips and tricks to make CES 2024 more rewarding has been forged from attending CES since 1990.

Crafting your Killer Story.
Make your 30 seconds count by weaving a compelling storyline that could rival a blockbuster movie. Your elevator pitch should gleam like a polished gem, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.
Knowing Your Targets.
CES reporters are like undercover agents. Study up, approach them with informed enthusiasm, and build meaningful connections.
Hunting like a Pro.
Media attention is the big game in this CES safari. Keep your eyes forward, not on your phone, and initiate a friendly chat when you spot a reporter. Go for the connection, not the hard sell.
Stealth Mode on Socials.
Guard your connections fiercely, keep your media contacts close, and competitors clueless.
Background Check Ready.
Lightning-speed reporters need lightning-bolt pitches. Think fast, and pitch faster with a killer “News Peg” that screams timely and sizzling appeal.
Bagging Celebrities.
Meeting celebs at CES is a prize in itself. Be quick, be sizzling, and be ready to digitize their decades-old pictures. Celebrity photo scanning, anyone?
Comfort First.
Wear comfy shoes, network tirelessly, and inquire about successful marketing strategies and media pitches. CES is a marathon, not a sprint.
Beat-Specific Connections.
Connect with reporters who groove to your industry’s beat. Align your vibe with theirs for effective networking.
Booths as Traps.
Leverage others’ booth captivity to gain visibility. Spot media guests while they’re occupied and never stop moving.
Smile and Dine.
Impress influential media contacts with top-notch meals. Make an impression they won’t forget.

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But wait, there’s more! Here are 14 travel and prep hacks for #CES2024:
  1. Travel light.
  2. Bring USB battery packs.
  3. Utilize Purchase Dot for instant contact sharing.
  4. Allocate extra time.
  5. Pack comfy shoes (Yes, it’s crucial!)
  6. Register early.
  7. Plan ahead.
  8. Arrive well-rested.
  9. Network like a champ.
  10. Be aware of bag restrictions.
  11. Pick up your badge off-site.
  12. Allow extra time for everything.
  13. Search for discounts.
  14. Download the CES 2024 app.
Join the tech frenzy at CES 2024! Discover groundbreaking tech innovations and insider networking strategies while uncovering’s innovative solutions for preserving memories.