BONUS UPGRADE: Same-day scanning at ScanMyPhotos for Family History Month

Celebrate Family History Month with ScanMyPhotos’s Lightning-Fast Photo Digitization Service!

BONUS UPGRADE: Same-day scanning at ScanMyPhotosHey there! October is Family History Month, and ScanMyPhotos is here to make preserving your family memories a breeze. We’re giving you bonus upgrades to our ScanFast service because we know how much those old family photos mean to you.

Before starting your photo archival journey, read what this Associated Press tech reporter wrote about five of our customer’s experiences and why we rushed to preserve their nostalgia.

If you’ve ever endured a photo scanning service that stretched for months, it might be time for a change in your photo archiving approach. ScanMyPhotos is revolutionizing digitalization with ScanFast’s same-day scanning. FREE UPGRADE ALL MONTH!


  • October is Family History Month
  • offers bonus upgrades to ScanFast service
  • Quick digitization with breakthrough technology
  • 1,000 pictures in under five minutes
  • 35mm slides scanned at 4000 dpi, one per second
  • Celebrate your heritage with ready-to-share digitized photos
  • Fast-track your memories with ScanMyPhotos

Instant Ordering. Complimentary upgrade at checkout under special instructions, you type: “Free Same Day Upgrade.”

Fastest photo scanning service--same day digitizing Preserve Your Family Memories in a Flash: ScanMyPhotos’s ScanFast Upgrade Special

Now, why the rush? Well, in the world of photo archiving, speed is everything. Other services might make you wait for months to see those cherished family memories again. But here at, we’ve got a breakthrough technology that’s nothing short of amazing.

Bonus money-saving scanning discount during Family History Month.

Redefining Photo Archiving: Digitizes 1,000 Pictures in Under 5 Minutes!

We can digitize a whopping 1,000 pictures in under five minutes! Yep, you read that right. Plus, 35mm slides? We handle them at a lightning-fast rate of one per second,  scanned at a professional 4000 dpi resolution.

So, while others are taking their sweet time, we’re all about returning those precious memories to you in a flash. Because Family History Month is all about celebrating your heritage, and what better way to do it than by having those photos ready to share and cherish right away? Don’t wait – let’s fast-track those memories!

How fast? This fast!


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