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Real Simple reports on: “Here’s What You Should Never Declutter, According to the Pros. How to tell what’s OK to declutter versus what you really ought to keep.”

At Scanmyphotos, we’re feeling positively giddy! Real Simple magazine has once again featured us in their article on decluttering your home—that’s five times and counting. We’re beyond grateful!

Excerpt on Real Simple Recommends

Springtime is almost here and if decluttering is a big part of your spring cleaning routine, you might already be taking inventory of what you think you might keep and what items you’re planning to get rid of. If you’re feeling frustrated, you might be tempted to just declutter everything, but that doesn’t mean you should. Alternatively, you might need some extra direction about what to declutter because you could end up keeping things you don’t truly need.

Here’s what three organizing pros say you should always declutter—plus the items you should never declutter.

Sentimental Items

Never Declutter: On the other hand, there are some sentimental items you should never declutter, such as irreplaceable family heirlooms and items that you truly cherish. If you plan to pass these items down one day or you look back on them often, keep them. However, if you have tons of photos you’d like to keep but don’t want to spare the physical space to store them, consider using a source such as to digitize the images and make them easier to share.


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