Why ScanMyPhotos is cheering and celebrating Steven Spielberg’s new film.

“The Fabelmans” is Spielberg’s ultimate expression of film’s analog glory.

Steven Spielberg has made a new movie called “The Fabelmans.” This movie is about families making movies together. As the ending credits roll, the real fun begins–viewers get motivated to search their own family history and digitize it. The discoveries caught on film will alter family history and help better remember childhood events.


4 reasons why archivists and family historians are celebrating Spielberg’s new film.

  1. An unintended consequence of “The Fabelmans” is generations of families also have been involved in making movies. Similar time-capsule cinematic moments are waiting to be uncovered—few have been viewed in decades.How to digitize home movie film
  2. Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical movie (also produced and directed by Tony Kushner) is a tribute to the millions of people who equally have a vault of KODAK® home movies, photos, and 35mm slides locked away. Everyone has similar storytelling moments from decades past that must be discovered. Beyond the film’s Oscar award buzz, there is a hidden gem and motivator for families to search for their family history to digitize and share.
  3. Shot on Kodak stock 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8 film for Sammy’s movies, “The Fabelmans” is Spielberg’s ultimate expression of film’s analog glory.
  4. There is so much family history to be learned from those long-forgotten narratives captured in snapshots, film, slides, and home movies.

ScanMyPhotos.com, which has preserved one billion photo memories since 1990, expects a rush toward digitizing analog photos and film.

As audiences leave the theater encouraged to find their own stories going back generations, ScanMyPhotos ask everyone who saw the film to track down their archives of old-school pictures and movies.

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