Are you ready to share your photo memories in the metaverse?

Before there was the metaverse, there were photo snapshots, slides, negatives, and home movie film.

The ability to share your memories in virtual reality is quickly becoming a reality, with VR platforms releasing apps that allow users to upload 360-degree images and videos that can be shared with other users of the platform. This will allow you to create some incredible content on your own, but it can also give you the option to share your content with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as photo hosting sites like Flickr and Google Photos.

To get started creating 360-degree content, check out this guide on how to share your memories in the metaverse! is going all in to the metaverse [the photoverse]–digitizing old photo content to share–using virtual reality photo sharing of your nostalgia. People want to watch their photo history in a VR world, not their recent camera roll content (the food they ate last night).

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With VR headsets, we are excited about shifting content focus to where people’s heads are at nostalgia. Imagine sharing your 5th birthday party pictures with family and friends who could never make it–they could be hundreds of miles away or if they were there, an awkward distance from you, so not able to experience it together.

Scenarios like these are better experienced in virtual reality versus photos on a screen. A photo gallery is great but imagine watching as you aged through all your snapshots as if time was standing still… as opposed to just viewing them one by one without sound or immersion.

We think once consumers have tried out virtual reality photo sharing, they will find immense value; immediately making them want more ways to incorporate their past into future fun.

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