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“A New Leaf”, TV Series by Ancestry® to debut on NBC this Fall

As a leading photo preservation company, ScanMyPhoto’s largest user segment is from genealogy and archivist customers. We are excited to share this new television program hosted by Daisy Fuentes. “A New Leaf” highlights the value of understanding your family history.

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From the Ancestry press release: Each week “A New Leaf” will follow people on the cusp of key life inflection points, who using family history, genealogy, and sometimes AncestryDNA® analysis will go on a journey of self-discovery and learn from the past while looking to the future. In partnership with Ancestry, Fuentes will join families as they learn the importance of appreciating and understanding their family history and ancestors in order to make important life decisions.

 “A New Leaf” will be included in the Saturday NBC morning programming block, The More You Know, beginning October 5, 2019.  Please check your local listings.

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A new leaf show - “A New Leaf”, TV Series by Ancestry® to debut on NBC this Fall

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