Comparing photo scanning apps to professional digitizing

Are scanning photos at 72 dpi good enough?

Let’s start by saying we celebrate the competition. With trillions of pre-digital photos to scan and all our shared passion to help many preserve their nostalgic photo memories, there is room for all.  But, when it comes to using those photo scanning apps, there is a capacious challenge. the resolution in which pictures are scanned. Is 72 dpi enough? No.

From a recent Lifewire profile explaining how Google PhotoScan works, Jerri Ledford shared this advisory and that according to her, Google Photos’ PhotoScan app digitizes mages at just 72 dpi (pixels per inch):

image1 300x184 - Comparing photo scanning apps to professional digitizing






ScanMyPhotos launched one cent photo (social media) scanning at 150 dpi, (archival) 300 dpi, and (professional 600 dpi scanning for pictures. 35mm slide scanning and film negative scanning are also popular services.

Photo Scanning and the 300 vs 600 DPI Myth — Why In Most Cases 150 DPI Image Resolution Is All You Need.