Why Instagram? 5 Tips for Beginners



Wonder what the kids are up to? Check out their Instagram feeds. Better yet, make your own. While Twitter is a dying platform according to social media experts, and necessary privacy issues/stricter features are keeping folks off Facebook, Instagram is on the rise. The photo-based app can only be used on a smartphone, though browsing through someone’s feed is possible on a desktop.


Why do people like “Insta”? Because it’s FUN and positive – beautiful pictures of friends and places, food and faces, and celebrity snaps. It’s also a wonderful way to see what’s happening in the photography and art world by following art institutions and magazines – or your favorite photographer. Here’s how to get started – and remember – you can set your privacy on this platform or not, it’s up to you.


Tip One: Don’t associate your value with a number of followers or likes.

This is a tip to remember for all social media use. It should be fun – and a way to share your experiences with close family and friends, or, to show off your photography skills to other professionals. If your goal is to get noticed, use common hashtags.


Tip Two: Have fun with selfies.

This is the platform to show off your new hair color or the sprinkle of freckles achieved at the beach. When feeling good, capture and share the moment. It’s a nice boost to far away friends.


Tip Three: Photograph what you love.

Selfies may not be your thing, but you are an avid gardener, expert baker, or a talented dog groomer. Instagram is the best platform to show off your bright, vibrant efforts.


Tip Four: Use Instagram as a travelogue.

Yes, you might make your friends jealous with your gorgeous shots of the Almafi coast, but is that a bad thing?


Tip Five: Don’t take it too seriously.

See tip one. Really, it’s just an app, a fun way to express yourself! And remember, these are online, for people to see, so keep it decent.