5 Pet Photography Photo Tips

If you’re a pet owner, chances are that you take lots and lots of photos of your pexels photo 416160 300x200 - 5 Pet Photography Photo Tipsfurry family member.


But, as all pet owners know, these creatures are unpredictable, which can make it hard to get the best picture.  So here are some suggestions to help you get the best possible photo of your pet! 


dog2 225x300 - 5 Pet Photography Photo TipsGo where the light is best. Try not to take photos of your pet in dark rooms or when it’s very overcast outside. Bright, diffused, light is the best for a flattering pet portrait. So before you take out your camera, look at your subject’s environment and figure out where the best light is — then move to that spot.  

Try to get their personality.  Ask yourself what is unique about your pet and try to capture their one-of-a-kind character on camera. Take pictures of your pet when they are in their preferred spot, or when they’re enjoying a much-loved pastime — whether that’s snoozing on the couch or catching a ball.

Keep things quiet. There is no quicker way to confuse a dog or startle a cat than to repeat loud commands at them. Try communicating with animals nonverbally: Use hand signals, or point to invite them where you’d like them to sit. If you do need to say ’sit’, say it quietly and calmly, and only once or twice.

dog1 234x300 - 5 Pet Photography Photo Tips

Move slowly. Unless you are skilled at documentary-style photography, with a subject that is moving a lot, try to move slowly around your pets while taking pictures of them. Cats are prone to either radically changing their expressions at slight movements, or leaving the scene altogether. This can also be true of dogs that are in a sit or lay/stay position.

dog4 169x300 - 5 Pet Photography Photo Tips

Motivate your model.  Every animal needs to have some sort of motivation to pay attention to you during the photo shoot. Determine what motivates them and provide it to them while you’re taking pictures. For dogs, it may be treats or toys, or simply giving them love and attention. For cats, it may be their favorite toy, a cardboard box, or a treat. Be creative when it comes to ‘rewarding’ your models, and they will reward you with great shots and be more cooperative, too.

Most importantly: Have fun! And, for loads of other articles and smart photo tips check out ScanMyPhotos.com