How to Take Incredible Party Photos

party photosWe are officially at the height of party season. Christmas and New Years will be here before you know it and we’ll be attending all sorts of parties and events to celebrate.


So, to ensure you’re snapping the best possible party photos at your next shindig, we pulled together the following list of tips and tricks.


Take a look:


Get candid


Staged photos are always nice for making sure you are getting smiling pictures of your friends and loved ones, but don’t discount the power of some really excellent candid shots.


Just pay attention to the moment. Snap a picture of two people engrossed in a really good conversation or someone throwing their head back with laughter. We often look at the staged photos to remember what we looked like at a party, but the candid photos are the ones that help us remember the party’s highlights.

Try new angles


Straight on shots can get a bit boring with party shots so try taking things to new heights (pun intended). Shoot from the side, or from a step above or below your subject to get a new perspective on the moment. This technique can make the photos look more organic and interesting.

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Be ready for action


You never know when the action will strike at a party so make sure you have your camera ready. The moment grandma starts dancing to a Katy Perry song you should be ready to take that picture.

Start a hashtag


Another way to get more perspectives on your party is to give the bash an official hashtag. This way everyone can share their pictures of the event on social media. As the main photographer, there are moments you’ll inevitably miss throughout the party so getting other guests to share theirs will ensure you’ve captured all the highlights.


Don’t only focus on faces


Try to keep about 90% of the photos focused on taking pictures of people. When looking back, we always want to see the faces of who was there and how we looked then. But make sure to sneak in a few others of the venue—whether it was your backyard or a banquet hall. Snap a few pics of the food, the setting, and the ambiance. These should only make up about 10% of the photos you take—just enough to give the party some context.

Add some drama


Black and white photos can add some drama and depth to your party. Try to capture intense or beautiful moments and consider either shooting in black and white or editing them to that color tone in Photoshop.


Once you’ve taken all these amazing party photos, don’t forget to upload and share them on the social media network of your choice. Your friends and loved ones will be eager to see the memories of their amazing time. And, if you have old print photos of parties long since passed, this is the time to scan and digitize them to share as well. You could even do a “then and now” theme when uploading your party pictures online—the sky’s the limit!


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