42 Reviews on the ScanMyPhotos Photo Scanning Experience

What is the Best Photo Scanning Service to Use?

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Better than advertising is when orders arrive with messages describing how people found us. The best answer is always, “referred by a friend.” And, here is a sampling of what happens after pictures are digitized and returned. These comments are from ScanMyPhotos customers, who we so appreciate.



Julie W: Quick service. I appreciated that. The pictures were scanned beautifully; they look amazing! Thanks! Will use service again!

Thomas B: This service worked great and exactly as advertised. Put your pics in bundles, ship them in, and get your pics and a DVD back in about two weeks. Easy!!

Gabriel P: Received my pictures and they looked great! Happy with the quality of the pictures..



Krista H: Everything went exactly as described. They kept me updated along the way as to where my photos were and in what stage of the process. And I received my photos back in perfect condition. I LOVED the service and even more, the cost.

customer service - 42 Reviews on the ScanMyPhotos Photo Scanning ExperienceKathryn S, Jul 26, 2017: Quick service and good results.

M. S, Jul 25, 2017:Everything you need to know is on the web sit but, if you still have questions (like I did) just call Scan My Photo. I received my pics along with DVD and memory stick in very little time. Every thing looks as good as the originals.

Trish S, Jul 24, 2017: Great service and quality results!

Lynda S, Jul 18, 2017: Excellent work – very professional

Laurie G, Jun 26, 2017: Great price, super fast service really satisfied.




Bruce C, Jun 21, 2017: Service was excellent!

Stephen R, Jun 17, 2017: Excellent service

Marietta L. Jun 17, 2017:I’ve now used ScanMyPhotos five. Using the enhanced options to each order does have additional costs. I am very satisfied with the results. I intend to order more from ScanMyPhotos. After sending in a total of 5000 photos, I have more and send. These photos will allow me to share my family history with my children and…

Paton, Jun 14, 2017: Good instructions, easy to follow, good pricing…

Cathy P, Jun 10, 2017:They were fast and efficient!

Renee C, Jun 7, 2017:The best photo service I have ever used! And quick too!

Marna S, May 15, 2017:I have used other scanning companies but this one is absolutely the best. Great customer service and great results. I highly recommend.

customerReviews 300x100 - 42 Reviews on the ScanMyPhotos Photo Scanning Experience

Lisa E, May 15, 2017: The process was very easy to follow. They did a wonderful job scanning my photo’s and the original pictures were returned promptly. Great experience.

Anne M, May 3, 2017: Allowed us to share photos with multiple family members.

Rose L, Apr 29, 2017: Incredible deal and service! I did extensive research on multiple vendors and this is the best out there for the prints service!

Jessalyn D, Apr 15, 2017: Quick turn around, exactly as delivered, no surprises. Very clear pricing.

Jim T, Apr 14, 2017: Quick turnaround, excellent job. Thanks.

Mary L, Apr 13, 2017: Great company and customer service!

Lisa G, Apr 12, 2017: Prompt, professional customer service is so appreciated (and rarely found elsewhere). ScanMyPhotos.com over delivers every time and provides me with great quality DVDs of all my favorite family photos. I highly recommend and trust this company.

Carolyn M, Apr 6, 2017: GREAT to work with. Saved me boxes and boxes of old photos. With this price and the photo book option, I did not need to labor over which to retain and which to toss. The pictures are great memories!

Kim S, Apr 4, 2017:Excellent service and product. My 3d time using them to scan photos. Highly recommended.

Michelle R, Apr 4, 2017:Very quick turn around time.

Robin U, Apr 4, 2017:Simply easy, fast return, great quality!

M. S., Apr 4, 2017:The merchant is helpful and gave me all the info. I needed. The results are good. Also, the Thumb Drive has a large key shape with a big cover case. My other Thumb Drives are small with equally small covers and all can hang on the same chain. The ideal is in an emergency I grab the chain and get out.

Lorraine E., Mar 26, 2017:Order was processed quickly and customer service reps were very helpful with questions.

thumbDrive - 42 Reviews on the ScanMyPhotos Photo Scanning Experience


Melanie H, Mar 22, 2017:The thumb drive was waycool. Will use them again in the future. Turnaround time was quick, DVD and flash drive are great. The flashdrive looks like a key.

Susan H, Mar 21, 2017: Great customer service – definitely want to continue to use!

Linda B, Mar 21, 2017:We have thousands of photos. This process keeps them safe and in a manageable form.

Claudia S, Mar 20, 2017: This company is GREAT!!! It’s a scary experience to send off precious photos but the communication from this company is absolutely stellar throughout the entire process! They did a great job and very fast! I will use them again!!

Ashley H, Mar 12, 2017:I sent my photos in, they were super prompt, sent me emails on updates and got all my pictures back with a disc.

Micki C, Mar 8, 2017:I got my photos back fairly quickly and the quality was great. The price is great. Cost is why I never did this before.

Marietta L, Mar 3, 2017: My pictures were returned to me along with thumb drive and a DVD. I had them separated by date. They did exactly as I requested.

Linda S, Feb 25, 2017:Great company Great job

Carolyn M, Feb 24, 2017:Love the results! Both OLD black and white and photos from 1980-90 were included So glad I paid the additional for the photo index book! 1000 photos is still a lot to search through so using thumb drive and index book was wonderful!

Terry L, Feb 12, 2017:The directions were very clear once I printed them out. Love all of my pics being in one place.

Robert R, Feb 12, 2017:They did a great job scanning my photos.

Steve W, Feb 10, 2017:Superb service, – excellent care of our photos and a great product! Highly recommend!


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