#1 Missing Content for Snap to Monetize on Snapchat are 3.5 Trillion Analog Photos

Post Snap IPO, we share these observations on their missing pictures opportunity

As Snap [SnapChat] evolved from a phone app for disappearing pictures into a “camera company,” they are missing a big market that’s quickly disappearing as generations of analog photographs fade away from the ravages of time.

The Problem with Snap: While sharing life’s moments, most are recent pictures from smartphones, yet they are missing 3 1/2 trillion decades-past, still analog photo snapshots.

ScanMyPhotos logo - #1 Missing Content for Snap to Monetize on Snapchat are 3.5 Trillion Analog Photos

ScanMyPhotos.com has professionally digitized more than 300 million photos

The Snap Solution: To enhance the Snap experience and help them better monetize its content, ScanMyPhotos.com has identified a simple way to boost engagement while gaining an entirely new older demographic for them, as we digitize the world’s photos.   Think outside the box. Study how more content can be uploaded to Snap, Twitter, Instagram, Google Photos, Facebook and the rest of the popular photo-sharing apps. We provide digitized pictures which are then uploaded, and indirectly yield enhanced revenues for them as more pages are viewed and available to post advertisements on. The definition of “win-win.’

So, how does ScanMyPhotos professionally digitize 300,000 pictures every day? Check this out:



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Photo Scanning Service Reviews Score Raves

Sampling of Customer Comments Sharing Their ScanMyPhotos Experience

How many companies do you know that do not rely on advertising? You are on the web site of one. Instead of having an advertising budget, ScanMyPhotos redirects Customer Reviewsthose savings towards maintaining the world’s greatest staff, quality, and relying on ‘word-of-mouth’ raving experiences.  We do have a team of professional copywriters who engage and interview customers for our blog and Tales From The Pictures We Saved free podcast.

At ScanMyPhotos.com, our source for scoring raving fans is caring. Our passion is to help digitize the world’s 3 1/2 trillion analog photos. With 300 million scanned to date, we have loads more of family photos to welcome into today’s all-digital world.  Our customers and every employee are the reason for our 27-years of success. What this means is the money saved by doing no advertising – to promote our photo digitizing services – gets passed back. That is how we can scan about 1,800 pictures with free 3-ways delivery for just $145, and completed in just days, when ordering our popular prepaid fill-the-box service online.

Watch this KRON4 TV news story for details: Tech Report: Turn old printed pictures to digital


Just how fast is the ScanMyPhotos professional photo digitization service? This fast:

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Turn Your Snapshots Into Digital Photos


Turn Your Snapshots Into Digital Photos


 from Techaeris reported on ScanMyPhotos.com and tips for digitizing photos.



We take a lot of digital photos, and free online storage options for those photos are available all over the place. From Dropbox, to OneDrive, to Flikr, and even Google Photos there are loads of places to store all of the selfies, food pics, and other assorted photos that our phones and digital cameras have allowed us to easily take.

But what about your old family photos?  You know, the ones that had to be set up, taken on film, and developed? I’d wager that many of us (myself absolutely included) have a stash somewhere of photo albums, boxes of photos, slides, and negatives that are just sitting in storage, or collecting dust somewhere in your house. What would you do if those photos were suddenly gone?

That horrible possibility is ever-present. From flooded basements, to the wildfires that we’ve seen on the news, to the simple passing of time degrading the paper the photos are printed on there’s definitely a clock ticking on these photos. A digital backup is definitely a great way to avoid any of these disasters, and I’ve personally considered going through and scanning many of the photos that I have stored away but that is just a daunting task that always seems to get put off for another day (or in my case, weeks and months).

Thankfully there are other options. ScanMyPhotos.com is a service that does, well, exactly what their name says. The company has been in business for over 27 years and have really gotten the whole scanning thing down. They will handle your photos, slides, negatives, and even video transfer and photo restoration. Their most popular service is photo scanning and there are even a few different ways to handle that. You can simply walk into their office with some photos, walk out with scanned copies of those photos, and that will cost you $.16 per photo.


The best option is probably the pre-paid photo box. For $145 they’ll send you a USPS flat-rate box that you can fill with photos. You’ll be able to get roughly 1,800 photos in there which ends up at a cost of $.08 per photo. Simply box up your photos, send them in, and the team over at ScanMyPhotos.com will get to work.

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How You Can Honor ‘Her-story’ by Sharing Pictures #WomensHistoryMonth

How You Can Honor ‘Her-story’ in March

Share the photos of the powerful women in your life who made a difference

womenshstorymonth 224x300 - How You Can Honor 'Her-story' by Sharing Pictures #WomensHistoryMonth

How to celebrate Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s Month and we’re taking this time to preserve the memories of the incredible women in our lives and pasts. Use the #WomensHistoryMonth hashtag to share how you are celebrating.

Whether you want to preserve a photo of your nana visiting the Eiffel Tower when she was 16, or the pic of your great great aunt’s suffragist march in 1917, the first step is getting your photos scanned.

From there we encourage all of our customers to share the powerful photos of the women in our lives to social media throughout March.

Let’s make it a mission to preserve the milestones and achievements in ‘her-story’ this month so we’re not doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past!


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5 Genealogy Tips to Preserving Your Family History

genealogyPhotos are essential to providing more depth and detail to our genealogy records. Future generations can look back on the pictures of their great great great relatives and marvel over styles, locations, and similar features that might have been passed down through DNA.

This is why we want to ensure our customers have everything they need to build and add details to their family tree. The more we all chip in on preservation efforts, the more likely we’ll be able to provide an in-depth look at the past to the inquiring minds of the future.

To help, here are a few hot genealogy tips that you’ll want to jot down:

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