History of Photography, Eastman Kodak’s Vaults

The reason so many photography hobbyist and photo imaging industry leaders are raving fans of Tips from the Top Floor, a weekly show about photography, is because of Chris Marquardt. When he’s not on a commercial assignment, Chris brings his workshops to Germany, the US, Canada, Japan and even the Himalayas. He also is behind PocketChris, the photo instructor in your pocket. Watch Chris live all over the world, and as the Photo Guy on the Tech Guy Radio Show with Leo Laporte.

As a regular Chris fan, one of his recent Tips from the Top Floor video podcast interviews was a gem of a discovery–a private one-hour tour of the Kodak Technology Vault in the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. We hope you enjoy this genuine flashback (Throwback Thursday) adventure into the rich history of photography with Todd Gustavson, the museum’s technical curator Todd Gustavson.

This was a personal “Throwback Thursday” moment for us, as many years ago, during a tour of the entire Kodak Park facility we too got a tour of The George Eastman House.

Thanks Chris and Todd!

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Chris Marquardt gets a private tour at the George Eastman Museum Technology Vault and Todd Gustavson, the technical curator takes him on a trip through the history of photography, from the Daguerrotypie to digital photography prototypes that never saw the light of day. Thanks to Todd Gustavson for giving us this amazing tour.


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