5 Professional Halloween Makeup Tips to Get the Whole Family Camera-Ready

professional Halloween makeup tipsIt’s that time of year again—leaves are on the ground and pumpkin-spice is in the, well, everything. You may be feeling prepared for the big day—costumes purchased, scary decorations up, extra-large bag of candy sitting at home—but if you really want to put your best ruby slipper forward this Halloween, there is one more thing you should be thinking about: Your makeup.


Halloween photos are some of the most treasured memories at any age—there is so much joy to be had in the fantastical costumes and good times spent with family and friends. But so often these pictures turn out to be more “tricky” than “treat.” No one wants to remember shiny foreheads or washed out faces—all of which can be avoided by following these professional Halloween makeup tips!

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How Innovations in Technology Helped Build ScanMyPhotos

desktop logo - How Innovations in Technology Helped Build ScanMyPhotos


Scan My Photos facility

repost via: Laura Berthold Monteros for Destination Irvine


Innovations in technology helped to propel his business, he says.  “I’d love to take credit and think it was something I thought of.  I was forced to rethink my business.  People stopped bringing in rolls of film.  I had to innovate to continue with my passion…. Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate because of technology.”  He gives a lot of credit to the many photo apps for sharing and storing digital images and to “Throwback Thursday,” because it’s popular to post old pictures electronically.

“It’s so much fun to go back to family events and holidays,” he said, but slides and analog (hard copy) photos are not easily shared and the history can be lost.  Photo sharing apps are only uploading recent pictures from smartphones, digital cameras and other digital media. ScanMyPhotos.com solved that.  It’s kind of like magic to see how quickly your photos can be digitized.  Then can be shared with friends, relatives.”



Goldstone estimates there are 3 ½ trillion analog photos in the world.  His company scans and digitizes 300,000 photos a day, as many as 300 per minute per machine on equipment manufactured by Kodak.  ScanMyPhotos.com takes digital photos, 35mm slides, film negatives, VHS tapes, APS film cartridges, and 8, 16, and 35 mm films and turns them into digital files stored on DVDs or flash drives.  He suggests uploading the files to the cloud and purchasing extra flash drives for sharing with family members and keeping in a safe deposit box.

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8 of the Best Photography Composition Rules

Photography Composition RulesNo matter what type of camera you have—smartphone, point-and-shoot, DSLR, mirrorless camera, etc.—learning photography composition rules will only improve the quality of the pictures you take.


We’ve compiled some of our favorite composition rules to use on your next shoot. You don’t need to memorize these rules or strictly follow them, but keeping them in mind will help you to expand your photography style.

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A Minor Photo-Scanning Mistake Leads to a Heart-Warming Discovery

a heart-warming discovery

A young Melissa, ready to take some photos


When ScanMyPhoto’s customer Melissa Mayberry’s mother found out she was terminally ill, she began to sort through all her things to give her most valuable possessions to her children. As the oldest, Melissa was placed in charge of the boxes of photos her mother had stored in her home.


“After receiving the boxes, I looked through them briefly. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure who the people were in the photos, but I knew I had to keep them safe for my mom. What if there was a fire or flood? I had to do something and the reality is: no one has the time to sit down and scan in thousands of photos.”


So wanting to avoid the lengthy photo-scanning process she had attempted in the past, Melissa found ScanMyPhotos online and purchased a Pre-Paid Photo Scanning Box

“When someone close to you dies, you get more attached to material items—specifically, photos. So with my mom’s photos, I was concerned about getting them back safely once I shipped them to ScanMyPhotos. But it was very easy, and very good across the board.”


There was, however, one slight hiccup in Melissa’s ScanMyPhotos experience—and it was one of those things that definitely happened for a reason.

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5 Tricks to Taking Brilliant Night Sky Photos

Night Sky PhotosA few weeks ago, we experienced a rare night-sky phenomena: a full blood moon lunar eclipse.


All over the world, people ventured outside to watch as the Earth cast its shadow over the moon, shrouding it in darkness. As the crowds watched, they also—attempted—to take photos of the eclipse. The result? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were filled with blurry pictures of a tiny, obscure dot drowning in a sea blackness.


While it’s true that photographing the night sky with your smartphone can be tricky, we’re here to let you know it’s not impossible. If you want to snap a pic of the Milky Way on a crisp autumn night, capture a few shooting stars streaking across the sky, or would like to take a photo of the moon in all its glory, then we have a few tricks just for you.


First things first…

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