Surprise Your Loved Ones with Photos of Their Life

The whole family gathered together for a photo.

The whole family gathered together for a photo.

Remember the show, This Is Your Life? The one where either Ralph Edwards or Joseph Campanella would surprise guests by walking them through all the moments of their life?  Well, the three, now grown, children of ScanMyPhotos’ customer, Becky Hartwig, will soon get a similar surprise.


(Spoiler Alert: If you just so happen to be one of Becky’s kids, and don’t want to spoil any coming surprises, we recommend heading on over to this article instead.)


After learning about ScanMyPhotos from her nephew—and hearing how much easier it would be for him to move to California with a DVD of all his printed photo memories—Becky decided it was time to do the same for her family photos.


“I was dreading trying to scan all my photos into the computer. There were just so many so I decided to send them to ScanMyPhotos.”


“The info on your site was very good—all the instructions were clear. I packed up my boxes, shipped them out, and then got the emails that kept me updated on every step of the process. I’m so glad my nephew referred me to you guys.”


Becky focused on sending in the photos of her three children who range in age from 37-32. “There were a few photos that weren’t taken very well—the photography and the cameras weren’t that good back then, but when ScanMyPhotos scanned them in, no matter what size the photo was, they came out great.”


Now all the photos that document the best moments of her kid’s childhood will be used for a special surprise.


“I plan on making a photo book for each of my kids with all of their photos and giving it to them as a present—it’s something I‘ve always wanted to do.”


When Becky final hands her kids a photo book version of This is Your Life, it’s sure to be a touching moment for the whole family—and one they can all treasure for a long time to come.