How To Engage Your Customers Through Contests For Personable Billboards

Marketing is about exposing your business for brand identity and consumer awareness. You need engagement and what better way than to run a contest. Not only will you engage with your existing customers and followers, but you will gain new followers. There are many methods of holding contests since there are so many social media outlets.

So why are Contests So Effective?


People love sharing. Be it a tweet on Twitter, a like on Facebook, or a repin on Pinterest, it’s the easiest way for them to say, look what I’ve found today. This is less effort on your behalf and free additional marketing. It’s human nature to be competitive and want to win, to be praised, and rewarded. The combination is how you can easily attract contestants. Usually you are able to collect information and feedback on those entering the contest. This is great information to turn into further marketing efforts to gain more customers.

The best part about the social media contests is that you can focus on a particular service or promotion and build your entire contest around it. You can add photos and they can go viral, increasing curiosity among non-followers.

What are Popular Social Media Outlets for Contests?


  • Pinterest because your contest can revolve around your customers using your products
  • Facebook because contest information is easily shared
  • Instagram is another photo opportunity for contestants to post their favorite photo of them with your brand


How Can You Use the Winners as Your New Billboard?


amazonFirst off, make sure the prize is of relation to the products or services you provide – remember branding. The winners of the contests are guaranteed to want to show off what they’ve won and how they won it. They will tweet and pin pictures of themselves in their new hat, swimwear, or show themselves off all weekend in your luxury hotel. All you have to do is repin them to your board or announce the winners on your newsletter or Facebook page. This forms relationships and increases awareness between your company and customers.
For example, ScanMyPhotos recently held to a contest to coincide with March Madness; pick the winner of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and you were entered in a drawing for a Kindle Fire HD. Due to the popularity of bracketology across the nation, the turnout was huge but only two people successfully picked Louisville. In the end, of the two correct picks, Julie D. was randomly picked to win the Kindle! Imagine yourself in her position. You entered a contest for a company you never have used before and walk away with an awesome prize! How much word of mouth do you think this newfound fan will spread as people ask about her new Kindle? Tons!