How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Wedding PhotographerLong after the flowers have wilted, the dress and tux have been cleaned and stored, and the thank you notes have been written, the photos from your wedding will remind you of what a special day it was. To ensure you not only like but absolutely love your photos, here are 6 tips to help you choose the perfect wedding photographer:

Know your style


Before you even talk to a photographer, you need to determine the photography styles that you prefer. Most photographers will shoot a mix of candid, spontaneous photos of your guests, the décor, and small moments that are easy to miss and classic, posed portraits of your wedding party. They’ll also do a mix of black and white and color photos. If you want all color or all candid, you’ll need to let the photographer know.

Research, research, and research some more


Ask friends for recommendations and browse online reviews of local photographers. Look through their website, blog, and social media accounts for samples of their work and to get a feel for their personality and style.
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