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December 8, 2015

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Give a lasting gift this holiday season

Holiday Gifts Sunday night marked the start of Hanukkah and the beginning of the December gift-giving holidays. There’s something truly magical about this time of year where generosity and good cheer seem to be electrifying the air.

As we shop the malls and outlets trying to find gifts and presents to delight our loved ones, let’s take a minute to be thankful for the wonderful people who have touched our lives. We share treasured memories with our friends and family, and it’s important to make sure these memories are kept safe.

If you’re unsure of what to get a loved one for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, then consider giving them a -Gift Certificate to ScanMyPhotos. This gift will allow them to preserve their precious memories for future generations to enjoy.

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This Hanukah photo is almost 100 years old!

Hanukkah services for soldiers

A 1917 photo showing the military hosting Hanukkah services for the soldiers.

Have a great vintage shot you’d like to see featured here? Share it with us on Facebook!

Photography Tips
Photography Tip

If you are graced with snow during the holidays, ensure your outdoor photos taken in the snow turn out beautifully by adjusting your camera’s exposure compensation feature from manual to +1 or +2. If you don’t, your camera will overcompensate for the bright snow by underexposing the picture.

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Photo Card
How to use your scanned photos

Want to thank grandma for the presents in a really unique and thoughtful way? Check out these personalized thank-you cards where you can add a photo of your child and have them color it in!

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“When someone close to you dies, you get more attached to material items-specifically, photos. So with my mom’s photos I was concerned about getting them back safely once I shipped them to ScanMyPhotos. But it was very easy, and very good across the board.”

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From the Blog
6 Tips to Preserve Old Photos for Future Generations to Enjoy

Preserve Old Photos

The most popular method for storing old photos is one of the most damaging. That’s right, stuffing a box with photos, negatives, and/or slides and packing it away in the basement is like turning your memories into a ticking time bomb.

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How to Preserve Old Photos: 7 Ways to Keep Antique Family Photos Looking Their Best

Antique Photos

Don’t leave the fate of irreplaceable keepsakes to chance. Follow these guidelines to preserve your photos for many years to come.

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