6 Thanksgiving Photography Ideas You’ll Want to Try This Holiday

thanksgiving photographyTurkey day is almost here and you’ll want to make sure you’re snapping up the memories that will last a lifetime. Thanksgiving photography is an often overlooked aspect of taking pictures.

Each year we find ourselves snapping obligatory photos to mark the event but don’t often go into this special holiday with a photography strategy.


This year we encourage you to think outside the box and step up your Thanksgiving pictures with the tips below!


Thanksgiving - 6 Thanksgiving Photography Ideas You’ll Want to Try This Holiday Take the perfect turkey picture


The main event, the star of the show—of course, the turkey should get its own mini photo shoot on Thanksgiving! Taking an amazing picture of your turkey falls into the food photography category so you’ll want to make sure you’re following tricks for taking excellent food shots.


For this, you’ll want to capture sharp details so the lower the ISO, the better. You’ll also want to make sure your shutter speeds are matching your ISO—so somewhere around a 60th of a second will work (but you’ll need a tripod). From there you’ll want to manually adjust your aperture to make sure you’re getting the look you want.


Get candid


We often think of staged, Norman Rockwell type photos as our go-to photo aesthetic this time of year. But why not to add in a few action shots? Try taking some candid pictures of the host or hostess doing their thing in the kitchen, jokes and laughs shared between family members, or everyone cheering when a touchdown is scored in the big game. These photos will help you remember far more than the dinner as time wears on.

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Why You Need to Digitize Photos and Preserve Them for Future Generations

digitize photosWhy and How to Digitize Photos For Future Generations. It’s This Easy

As technology continues to advance, the way in which we preserve our history is also changing. From cave drawings to oil paintings and from print photos to Snapchat selfies, it’s important for us to now digitize photos in order to keep them safe for future generations.


But if you need a few reasons why it’s important to digitize photos before it’s too late, then consider the following:

Print photos will eventually succumb to the elements


Unless you have your print photos stored in acid-free, archival-quality storage containers and kept in a temperature-controlled room away from sunlight, then your photos are at risk of getting destroyed by the elements. Of course, we definitely recommend doing everything you can to keep your print photos safe, but digitizing them is the only way to truly protect them from the elements.


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Why Instagram? 5 Tips for Beginners



Wonder what the kids are up to? Check out their Instagram feeds. Better yet, make your own. While Twitter is a dying platform according to social media experts, and necessary privacy issues/stricter features are keeping folks off Facebook, Instagram is on the rise. The photo-based app can only be used on a smartphone, though browsing through someone’s feed is possible on a desktop.


Why do people like “Insta”? Because it’s FUN and positive – beautiful pictures of friends and places, food and faces, and celebrity snaps. It’s also a wonderful way to see what’s happening in the photography and art world by following art institutions and magazines – or your favorite photographer. Here’s how to get started – and remember – you can set your privacy on this platform or not, it’s up to you.


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2018 iPhone Photography Awards

Jashim Salam

Jashim Salam

Winners of the 11th annual competition were announced today. The contest (not affiliated with Apple) celebrates the quality of camerawork mastered by iPhone users. This year, submissions included less selfies and food photos, focusing more on faraway places and capturing the human experience.


Competition founder Kenan Aktulun told the Wall Street Journal, “I don’t think iPhones will replace other cameras, but users are definitely getting more fluent in visual storytelling.”

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