Uplifting Stories from Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

hurricane irmaThe 2017 hurricane season has been disastrous for the U.S. and Caribbean. Entire islands were decimated and miles of Houston saw flooding that reached as high as traffic signals in some areas. As more tales of tragedy emerge, we’re all looking for a silver lining. In fact, during times like these we are reminded of this infamous Mr. Rogers quote:

“My mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers — so many caring people in this world.”

And that’s what we’re going to do. Check out the following uplifting stories from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Human chains are among viral stories inspiring us out of Hurricane Harvey

Hand-in-hand these incredible people worked together to lead those in need through the flood waters and into safety.

“No beloved pictures… all gone,” was a description of the devastating loss from the hurricanes, shared by Justin Timberlake during the #HandInHand Hurricane Benefit Concert telethon.

Saving Priceless Family Photos from Hurricane Harvey Floodwaters

An entire community that included “family members, friends, coworkers and waves of perfect strangers,” flocked to an elderly woman’s home to repair Hurricane Harvey damage. This included trying to save nearly 2,500+ vintage family print photos.

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Free Photo Scanning For Hurricane Relief / Preparedness

Hurricane Relief and Preparedness With Free Photo Scanning To Preserve Your Family Pictures

UPDATE. Due to requests from people in South Carolina and other regions affected by Irma, we are extending this effort to all people affected by the recent hurricanes, wildfires and natural disasters in other areas.

scanmyphotos_logo500 FREE* 4″x 6″ Photo-to-DVD Scanning ORDER FORM – Please print and include with your order. Full details below.

Everyone is heartbroken by the devastation from Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma.  We all want to help. But, when we saw the families who lost everything, it was a call to action. How can others be prepared and protect those decades of family photos?  Over the past 27-years, we’ve often been involved in advocacy efforts, so this is something right up our ally. How to help?

eWEEK - Enterprise IT Technology News, Opinion and Reviews
As reported by eWEEK, excerpt:

Natural disasters such as hurricanes Sandy, Harvey and Irma are often the destroyers of family heirlooms, such as furniture, clothing and photographs. Of those three, photographs are generally considered the hardest to replace. Often, they are simply not replaceable.  With the natural events of the last three weeks hitting the south and southeast of the United States, numerous physical photo albums, videos and other irreplaceable memories were lost forever as flood waters and high winds tore communities and dwellings to pieces. A little planning in advance can save these memories forever, and ScanMyPhotos.com is offering to help people think about doing this. READ MORE

If you are a resident in Texas or Florida (or other regions affected by recent natural disasters) ScanMyPhotos.com will digitize your photos without charge*.  Up to 500 4″×6″ standard pictures per family/address. Please see below for full details and ordering instructions. There is a $14.95 return S/H fee.

*THE TERMS: For Texas, Florida and others affected by recent natural disasters. Cannot be combined with prior orders. Each order of up to 500 standard 4″x6″ photographs must be mailed as one order, no walk-ins, and a $14.95 return S/H is required. Expires September 25, 2017. All 4″×6″ photos must comply with photo preparation guidelines [with a 4″x6″ size limitation]. Many popular add-on services for an additional fee are available. Void where prohibited, applicable sales tax required, no cash value, and this offer may be subject to cancellation without notice for any reason. Helpful video on how to prepare your pictures. Your original photos are returned with your scanned pictures on a DVD data disk. Upload and 8 GB thumb drives are available for an added fee (see below).  Limit of liability and copyright terms 

3 Corporate Park Ste 160
Irvine, California 92606

Phone: 949-474-7654

Step 1. Type out this form in your web browser (please do not hand write information)
Step 2. Print out and sign this official order form
Step 3. Pack your photos (packing instructions) for shipping and include filled out order form. Package must be postmarked by September 30, 2017, or our standard photo scanning charges apply at a pay-per-photo scanning rate.

Shipping Information

Return shipping address:
Customer Name:
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City: State: Zip:
Phone: Email:
Yes, I have read and agree to the “Limit of Liability & Copyright Agreement” terms. I have carefully reviewed and complied with the ordering instructions and requirements. I understand that if my order is not properly submitted, it might incur additional fees. I understand that this offer expires on September 30, 2017.  This offer is valid only for up to 500 4″x6″ photo scans (only 4″x6″ photo are accepted unless the “sizes other than 4×6” add-on option is added). Any quantity over 500 pictures will be charged accordingly ($0.16 per photo plus any additional options you choose) and any photo that does not meet the requirements will not be scanned. Certain terms and conditions apply.
You may only send one order per person/address and only to addresses in Texas, Florida or other regions affected by recent natural disasters.  All additional options selected below will be applied and charged for.  YOU ARE REQUIRED AND AGREE TO PAY THE $14.95 RETURN S/H FEE ON THIS ORDER.  Name to appear on your imprinted DVD, albums and other products (20 characters max):

Featured Additional Options to Enhance Your Scans:


No featured additional option entitles you to more than your initial 500 scans. Any a la carte additional options selected will be charged for all scans contained within an order. Any quantity sent over 500 will be charged our standard rate of $0.16 per scan plus any additional options selected.  Extra vouchers or unused value of vouchers cannot be used to pay for additional options. For a full description of all additional options, visit www.scanmyphotos.com/additional-options.php. By selecting an additional option, you are agreeing that you have read, understood and agree to the fee for the option.


  • 600 DPI
  • Sizes other than 4×6 [3″5″ – 8″x10″]
  • Scan in Order
  • Photo Soap
  • Photo Index Book & Rotation
  • Cloud Upload Service
  • 4 Total DVDs
  • 1 8GB USB Thumb Drive
Your Price: $189.95



  • 600 DPI
  • Sizes other than 4″x6″ [3″5″ – 8″x10″]
  • Scan in Order
  • 1 DVD and 1 USB Thumb Drive
Your Price: $84.60


  • 300 DPI
  • Scan in Order
  • Photo Index Book & Image Rotation
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Your Price: $122.95

A la Carte Additional Options


600 DPI Scans: $37.70 extra.  Your free offer is for standard 300 DPI scanning. If you wish to upgrade to 600 dpi, this is an additional fee.
SIZES OTHER THAN 4″x6″ $20.00 extra
EXPRESS SCANNING $90.00 extra. Scanned within 3-5 day from receipt
UPLOAD SERVICE $15.95 extra
THUMB DRIVE $15.95 extra per each ordered

EXTRA DVD – Your order includes 1 original DVD. Any additional DVDs are in addition to the (1) DVD you are already receiving.

IMAGE ROTATION $42.00 extra

PHOTO INDEX BOOK & IMAGE ROTATION–  $70.00 extra per index book.

Please make me a total of 8½x11 Photo Index Book(s).


ALL photos are returned with your DVD (We do not offer a photo disposal service)

Return Shipping Option 1 – I would like you to return my entire order via USPS Priority Service for $14.95, additional return S/H fee applies for larger orders

Please add USPS Priority signature confirmation for an additional $6.95

Signature confirmation service is HIGHLY recommended to ensure delivery of your photos back to you and only you. Otherwise the USPS carrier may just leave your box on your porch/mailbox leaving it susceptible to weather or theft.



Please complete the info below. We are required to charge sales tax as required by all local state laws (N/A for states without sales tax). We accept all major credit cards.
IMPORTANT: You must include this completed order form with your photos.
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Billing Address (if different than shipping address)
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IMPORTANT NOTE: You, as the customer, are responsible for knowing how many photos are being sent to ScanMyPhotos. We do not pre-count your photos and the only way for us to know how many photos you have sent is to scan them. If we scan them, you agree to pay any overage charges beyond the 500 pictures.


Signature authorizing charge for order – Mail in orders only. (if applicable)
Remember to sign to authorize your charge, for the required return S/H charge, and any added items you choose.


__________ Order opened and inspected by
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__________ Order postage
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__________ Weight shipped
Order Notes: (ScanMyPhotos use only)


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The Surprise Anniversary Gift that Garnered Happy Tears

anniversary gift

We all know that classic love story where two kids grow up next door to each other and eventually fall in love, get married, and live a happily ever after tale. Well, one ScanMyPhotos customer shared a similar story with us–but with a twist.

Brian Jorgensen and his wife didn’t grow up together in the same sleepy home town. They didn’t share a similar childhood, background, or even culture. But despite their different upbringings, they got together in high school and just recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary where Brian pulled together a very special and touching gift for his wife.

“I was looking to scan the print photos I had of my wife and I so I could surprise her with them for our 20th wedding anniversary party. That’s how I found out about ScanMyPhotos—through a Google search.”

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How to Ensure the Protection of Your Valuables in a Disaster

We’re in the midst of hurricane season and this year is proving to be a disastrous one. After seeing the photos of the damage Hurricane Harvey left in its wake, we want to take this time to ensure our customers are protected against any potential loss—particularly when it comes to your precious print photos and memories.


So, in honor of National Preparedness Month and in the event of such a catastrophic hurricane season, we pulled together the following list of ways to ensure the protection of your valuables in a disaster. Take a look.


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Hurricane Evacuation Checklist via Accuweather

Beyond the devastating losses from natural disasters are something often overlooked until it’s too late. Pictures. In the aftermath from Hurricane Harvey, one billion family photos were destroyed. There are to many heartbreaking stores, as lifetime’s of analog family photos are ruined.

Accuweather just posted this vital story on preparedness, what would happen in you had only hours to evacuate?  Excerpt:

Also, don’t forget about creating digital copies of irreplaceable items such as family photos.  “It’s so troubling that with the number of pictures out there, so few have been digitized,” said Mitch Goldstone, president and chief executive officer of ScanMyPhotos. He stressed the importance of not only digitizing photos but also having backups saved to a cloud or at a relative or friend’s house.

Evacuation checklist: How to get your family out safely in the face of an imminent disaster

We also just saw this heartbreaking from Casey Neistat that Candice’s parents lost nearly everything from the Harvey flooding, including their family photos.


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