4 Summer Photography Project Ideas To Do With The Family

Summer Photography Project Ideas The days are long and hot. The kids have been out of school for a few weeks, and—if it hasn’t hit already—boredom may be setting in.


For those who are searching for some arts and crafts projects to keep everyone cool and entertained in the summer heat, why not take this time to delve into some memories, too?


A summer photography project can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Plus, the following project ideas will help to create priceless memories to look back on in the years to come.


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AP and British Movietone published 550,000 video stories

Caitlin Dewey, one of the best, and Social Media reporter at The Washington Post wrote: “An expert’s must-see guide to the half-a-million amazing historical videos AP just put online.”



You’ve probably read about events like, say, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Certainly you studied them in high-school history class. But until Wednesday, you couldn’t see news footage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor as it was shown at the time — because that’s when, for the very first time, the Associated Press put footage of that incident and half a million others online.



All told, AP and a partner, the newsreel archive British Movietone, published 550,000 video stories spanning more than 1 million minutes and 120 years to its new YouTube channel.






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Cool Summer Photo Projects

Scan My Photos
The ScanMyPhotos.com Journal:

Looking for a cool summer project for the long hot days?
If you’re in need of a summer project that requires a cool, quiet, and air-conditioned atmosphere, then why not try delving into your genealogy? To get started, you’ll need an internet connection and some pieces of the past to help you unlock clues.Some of the pieces of your family’s past might be found in those boxes of photos stored away in your house (or the house of an older relative). As you rummage through these boxes, pay special attention to the negatives of photos that were never printed -these negatives could hold long-lost secrets. Lucky for you, we offer Negative Scanning that will help reveal those forgotten memories.

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Photography Tip
How to Use Your
Scanned Photos
During the day, when the light is not at its best, augment with fill flash, and focus on your family members. Try to keep the photography low-key so it doesn’t become the priority.
Once you have your film negatives safely scanned, you can keep your memories close by turning them into a wearable piece of art.
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Where to Start

ScanMyPhotos.com Testimonial
“Of all the photo scanning providers, this company is the fastest and by far least expensive. I can detect no lack of quality compared with other services that I have used.”

From the ScanMyPhotos.com Blog
4 Cloud Storage for Photos Services You Need to Check Out

Here’s a list of some of the best options of cloud storage for photos that will help de-clutter your digital collection.
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