6 Must-See Buzzfeed Articles Featuring Old and Vintage Photos

old and vintage photosIt’s one thing to learn about history from large textbooks with fine print—it’s another to see it for ourselves. This is one of the many reasons why we love looking through old and vintage photos—they provide us with an intimate of the past.


Fortunately for us BuzzFeed, the leading independent digital media company that delivers news and entertainment, often creates articles centered on old and vintage photos. It’s always a treat to see the pictures they’ll discover and pull into their articles.


Here are a few of our personal favorites that you need to see:


18 Photos Of Victorians Smiling


Victorians always get a bad wrap for seeming stuffy, but these photos prove this was definitely not always the case. In fact, the stuffy appearance could be due to the way photography was done at the time. Taking pictures was often a once-in-a-lifetime experience for people back then. Not only was that a ton of pressure, but holding a smile during the long exposure time (almost 15 minutes!) was exhausting. No wonder they seemed so serious!


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Discovering the Special Magic of Photos You’ve Never Seen Before


photos you've never seen before

A photo of Ann and her father. “I was so happy to discover this photo partly because I currently have the chair in the background and recently reupholstered it. My mother told me it was the first item she bought when she started working after high school in 1941!”

There is a special moment that often happens when looking through photos. As you’re flipping through picture after picture, remembering all the good times, you’ll stumble onto a few photos you’ve never seen before. You’ll recognize the faces in them, possibly even the locations, but these pictures provide you with a slice of life you’ve never had the privilege to see before.


These are the moments that can strengthen connections between loved ones that transcend both time and space.


Now imagine inheriting a box of these never-before-seen gems from your family and getting to take a peek into new moments from a time that has long since passed. This was the case for ScanMyPhotos customer Ann Myslinki.


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Hurricane Matthew Leaves North Carolina Surprised and Reeling from Damage

Hurricane Matthew Leaves North CarolinaWhile Florida and the coastal cities of Georgia and South Carolina braced themselves for the brunt of a category 5 hurricane last week, no one would have predicted inland North Carolina would have experienced the worst of Hurricane Matthew. The current death toll from this storm in the U.S. is 22, and 17 of those deaths happened in North Carolina. Three of the latest deaths were from drowning.


The areas around Lumberton, NC are covered in flood waters—a disaster few were prepared for. According to the New York Times article North Carolina, Saturated and Surprised from Hurricane Matthew, one witness, Brittany Graham explained, “My grandpa’s still in shock. He didn’t prepare anything because from what we heard, we were just going to get a little bit of rain. Basically, all his stuff is ruined.”


The trouble was a result of the mix of wind damage and a low saturation tables.


Of course, this news hits us hard here at ScanMyPhotos. Unfortunately, the very nature of natural disasters is highly unpredictable—damage can happen at any place and at any time. Take the recent outbreak of earthquake swarms in Oklahoma. There was no way to predict these damaging earthquakes, and the aftermath has been real, lasting, and devastating to the victims. Or, what about the tornado that touched down in south Los Angeles in 2014 and tore the roof of a home? These freak incidents can and do happen.


This is why we take National Prepardness Month extremely seriously around here. While September is now over, in light of the recent North Carolina disaster, we feel it’s important to share tips on how to prepare for anything. The following articles provide information on how you can prepare for disaster today:



And be sure to visit the following pages for resources and information:



Let’s all take this time to prepare for the worst so that when the next natural disaster strikes, we can all hope for the best.


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Tales From The Pictures We Saved – Bonus Episode: Must-Hear Tips from Professional Organizer Andrew Mellen

andrew mellenWelcome to this week’s bonus episode of Tales From the Pictures We Saved


We’ve spent the past 26 years helping our customers preserve tens of millions of happy memories, milestones, achievements and events—all of which have incredible stories behind each and every photo.


And now we’re eager to share these stories with you.


In this week’s very special episode we got to a golden opportunity to chat with professional organizer Andrew Mellen.


Andrew’s prowess in the organization field has landed him on NPR, Real Simple, Oprah, Martha Stewart and many more high-profile media channels. He’s a larger-than-life organizational expert, speaker and best-selling author of the book Unstuff Your Life—and he’s on a mission to help everyone he meets get back in touch with their core values.  Follow Andrew on Twitter


Take a listen to the must-hear tips Andrew provided during our interview.

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Photo Industry Executive So Confident Donald Trump Will Lose the Presidential Election That They Are Making a Huge Bet

UPDATE: This Op-Ed was published in The Hill

Excerpt: Fast-forward to this nightmare of a presidential campaign we are living through, and my opinion of Mr. Trump has been ripped apart and ground into the dirt. We have all learned that he is not, in fact, a successful entrepreneur. He’s a fraud and a con artist, and he’s been lying to us for years.




ScanMyPhotos.com has digitized 300 million photos

Photo Industry Executive So Confident Donald Trump Will Lose the Presidential Election That ScanMyPhotos.com Will Digitize the Nation’s Photos If He Wins




(News Release) –– ScanMyPhotos.com, the country’s leading digital photo scanning company, has pledged to digitize the photos of anyone, including immigrants, living in the U.S. for free if Donald Trump wins the upcoming presidential election.


“This is a historic election, and we are making a big bet on Hillary Clinton’s victory with this offer,” noted ScanMyPhotos.com President and CEO Mitch Goldstone. “If Mr. Trump is elected, it will be a serious detriment to our nation’s future. The least we could do is help Americans celebrate their past and their own personal histories.”


The offer is straightforward: ScanMyPhotos.com will digitize up to 500 4” x 6″ photos per family per address if Mr. Trump wins, should Hillary Clinton win, we all win anyway.. Each order must be mailed separately and comply with photo preparation guidelines; it cannot be combined with prior orders. Because we return photos after scanning is complete, each customer must pay $14.95 for return shipping and handling and applicable sales tax. This offer may be cancelled at any time. No walk-ins accepted. Expires December 9, 2016.
For ScanMyPhotos.com, this is not a gimmick but a bet on our country’s future. “During our 26-year history, we have actively engaging in the political process,” Goldstone commented. “And because more than 75% of ScanMyPhotos.com customers are female, we want them to know that we stand with, support and celebrate them.”


Conditions for Free Photo Scanning:


If Mr. Trump wins the 2016 presidential election, ScanMyPhotos.com will digitize the nation’s photos without charge, up to 500 4×6″ standard pictures per family, address. Cannot be combined with prior orders. Each order of up to 500 photographs must be mailed separately, no walk-ins, and a $14.95 return S/H is required. Expires December 9, 2016. All 4×6″ photos must comply with photo preparation guidelines. Void where prohibited, applicable sales tax required, no cash value, and this offer may be subject to cancellation without notice for any reason. Helpful video on how to prepare your pictures



ScanMyPhotos,com, founded in 1990, has preserved the history of families on a very large scale by digitizing 300 million analog pictures. Background on ScanMyPhotos.com. More info available at ScanMyPhotos.com


View this behind-the-scenes tour showcasing how ScanMyPhotos.com digitizes upwards of 300,000 each day, via KTLA 5 TV News






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