How to Take Great Concert Photos

Concert PhotosMemorial Day weekend is coming our way, and with it brings the start of concert season!


If you’re attending a concert in the coming weeks, you’ll want to capture every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


To help you take some memorable shots, we pulled together some of our best tips on how to take great concert photos.


Get your camera settings right


Depending on the lighting, you’ll need to adjust the camera’s settings accordingly. For example, If it’s an indoor or night concert, you’ll want to set your ISO high, whereas a bright, outdoor performance will require a much lower ISO.


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5 Photo Contests to Enter During #NationalPhotoMonth

#nationalphotomonthOne of our favorite months of the year is here—it’s National Photo Month!


We’ve seen some fantastic photography celebrations on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by following the hashtags #NationalPhotoMonth and #NationalPhotographyMonth. There are a ton of cool contests and fun photos floating out there to see, but we pulled together some of the best for you to check out.




Your expert photography skills could win prizes that range from a high-end printer to a trip to Morocco. Here’s a few of the contests that are running in honor of National Photography month.


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Former Globe-trotter and Current Grandmother Shares Photos of Adventure and Loved Ones

Scanned photo of Mary Mimi Hassouna riding in Egypt by the pyramids.

Scanned photo of Mary Mimi Hassouna riding in Egypt by the pyramids.

What’s the result of years spent raising a family and traveling the world? Well, according to ScanMyPhotos customer, Mary Mimi Hassouna, the result is a lifetime of memories and nearly 6,000 printed photos!


While raising her kids, Mary spent her career doing several trips overseas as an International Development Consultant in Health and Education with her husband.


“I did short assignments in India, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq, and even South Africa.” And, boy does she have the photos to prove it!


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How do you remove a photo stuck to glass? Here are some ideas.

Photo stuck on glass frameHave you ever had a photograph in a frame for so long that it has become stuck to the glass and can’t figure out how to get it off? I recently ran into this problem after my family had some new family portraits done. My wife decided it was time to update some of the picture frames around the house and found one photo, despite being only in the frame for a year, had become stuck to the glass.
I’ve collected the three most common DIY tips from around the web that I found while I searched for my own solution to this problem. Just like most everything in life, everyone has an opinion and what worked for me, may not work for you and only do what you are comfortable doing with your photos.
These may or may not work for you so proceed with caution.



First and foremost, before you do ANYTHING, make a digital backup of the image. If something goes wrong while you are trying to peel the photo off, the picture could be ruined. You will either need to locate the negative to make a new one or, even worse, if there is no negative, the picture will be lost forever.

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