5 Elements You Need for a Successful Family Reunion

The date and location have been chosen, you have lots of volunteers for various committees, and the save-the-date cards have gone out. Before you work on the invitations, start planning for the 5 elements below that will help make your family reunion successful:
 family reunion decorated table



Like any large event with high expectations (weddings, Thanksgiving, July 4th picnic), the food can make or break your family reunion. Find out what allergies and dietary restrictions need to be accommodated before you start planning the menu with your committee (if it’s potluck), the caterer (if it’s not) or the restaurant or resort that is hosting your family.



You don’t have to design, order, and hand out matching t-shirts to everyone who attends, but it is a nice idea to create a favor that is tied into the reunion. A softcover book that contains the family tree, a photo of families from each branch, and their mailing address and phone numbers would be nice. You could also create a photo book using archived family photos.
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“We Want to Dazzle Our Customers:” Customer Service the ScanMyPhotos.com Way

customer-serviceWhen Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman founded ScanMyPhotos.com, they wanted to create a company that did three things:

  • Make it easy and affordable to digitize photos
  • Do it better and faster than anyone else
  • Dazzle customers each and every time


For anyone who has worked with us, you know they’ve succeeded. Providing high quality across the board is our mantra, and that is especially true when it comes to customer service.

In fact, providing awesome customer service is so ingrained in our company culture, we really do not understand why other companies (and some entire industries) view stellar customer service as either unimportant and/or unattainable. (We’re not the only ones who think this way, of course, and a lot has been written about it recently, including the great book, Nice Companies Finish First by Peter Shankman – definitely worth a read.)
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Customers Review ScanMyPhotos

As mentioned in a previous post, ScanMyPhotos has improved the workflow for scanning photos by over 300% and the comments from customers have been overwhelming. Here are just a smattering of quotes regarding the ScanMyPhotos service, as gathered by an independent third party.

  • They did an awesome job. I went with the standard pixel and they turned out great.
  • Great & Fast Service. Did exactly what they said they would do. Working on getting another shipment to them soon.
  • When my daughter was a baby there were no digital cameras so I wanted to have all of her baby pictures converted to digital but didn’t know where to go to do this. …[S]ent them off and now I have all of those precious pictures saved on my photo website and have a CD with all of them on it. Takes a little time to go through your pictures and get them organized but so worth the effort! ScanMyPhotos did a great job with the scans and got my pictures back to me safe and sound.
  • They were good about sending emails at every stage of the process…when my order was received, processed, done and sent back to me.
  • I was very happy with the DVD’s and thumb drive that arrived with the scanned photos. I wish I had ordered additional index books to share with my children. Great job and well worth the price.
  • Be organized and the scans will come back wonderful!
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Family History Interview Questions to Help You Capture Your Family’s Story

Nib Pen and InkwellWhen we talk to our customers about their photo scanning projects and why they are undertaking the project now, we are privileged to hear loving stories about family members, friends, trips, events, and all of those precious, irreplaceable memories of small moments that are captured in photo collections.

Photos only tell part of the story, though. As anyone interested in genealogy knows, capturing your family history via interviews is just as important. Digital recording devices are not very expensive and can be quickly purchased online, so buy one today and set aside time to interview your family members.

Here are some family history interview questions to get you started:

  1. What is your full name? Why did your parents choose this name for you? Did you have any nicknames growing up?
  2. When and where were you born? Why did your family live there?
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How to Prepare Your Photos, Slides, and Negatives for Scanning

ScanMyPhotos productsReady to send us your photos, slides, or negatives for scanning? It feels great to get that to-do item off your list, doesn’t it?

Before you pack everything up, either in a pre-paid box or a box of your own, it is important to organize your photos, slides, or negatives before placing them in the box. Though our team of professionals will carefully handle your box full of memories, they do not know what order you’d like things scanned – among other things!

Here are our top tips on how to prepare your photos, slides, and negatives so they are ready for scanning: