Surprise Your Loved Ones with Photos of Their Life

The whole family gathered together for a photo.

The whole family gathered together for a photo.

Remember the show, This Is Your Life? The one where either Ralph Edwards or Joseph Campanella would surprise guests by walking them through all the moments of their life?  Well, the three, now grown, children of ScanMyPhotos’ customer, Becky Hartwig, will soon get a similar surprise.


(Spoiler Alert: If you just so happen to be one of Becky’s kids, and don’t want to spoil any coming surprises, we recommend heading on over to this article instead.)


After learning about ScanMyPhotos from her nephew—and hearing how much easier it would be for him to move to California with a DVD of all his printed photo memories—Becky decided it was time to do the same for her family photos.


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The Top 5 Benefits Of Manual Exposure In Photography

manual exposure

Automatic exposure settings certainly make the photography experience easier, but for those looking to take more creative control, manual exposure is the way to go. Manual settings can be beneficial in a number of photography environments and situations where the goal is to create an image greater than the average assigned in auto. Continue reading

Change Is Coming for iPhone Users: The New Apple Photos App

Girls Taking Selfie Seated at BarLast year Apple made the announcement that they will cease production on the popular iPhoto app, which will leave many iPhone users reluctant to say goodbye—but don’t worry! This app will be replaced by the new Apple Photos app—a sleeker, more streamlined application that will sync photos across devices.


Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to an app we’ve known and loved since 2002. In fact, Robert Lachman, in his recent LA Times article, Saying goodbye to iPhoto, accurately sums up what it means for iPhoto fans during this transition.


“For me, it (iPhoto) was the missing link, a simple way to keep my family photographs organized for so many years.”

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Hello readers!


Each day, we receive feedback and helpful comments about the service to help you digitally preserve your photo memories. Among those reviews, several below, randomly added are helpful with tips as you prepare your orders for scanning.  Thanks to all those who contribute comments.  We do listen and always seek to learn to better enhance your entire experience with us. To share your feedback, reach us at




A reasonable way to scan older photos
March 04, 2015


It’s a great deal; especially if you consider how much time it would take to scan your photos yourself. This is the second time I’ve used their services.
March 04, 2015


I was notified when my pictures arrived and also received an update as to the status of the scanning job. Very professional operation.
March 02, 2015


2nd time ordering because I was pleased with the first order and companies policies.
February 26, 2015


Their instructions are very efficient and explain things very completely. Just follow their instructions and you won’t have any trouble at all. It does take a little while for the order to be completed, but they sent me an e-mail when they received my package, another when they began working on it, and yet another when they sent me the completed order. Everything arrived in good shape, including all the pictures I had sent them for scanning.
February 25, 2015


I highly recommend this business for digitizing photos. Great service and a wonderful job.
February 20, 2015


Read and follow their instructions for shipping and additional options carefully. They do a great job and I was very satisfied with the results.
February 05, 2015


Fast service with good picture quality
February 05, 2015


Make sure to read the organization tips prior to sending – I’m sure it makes the process go a lot quicker – I got mine back really fast
February 04, 2015


Follow their packing directions carefully and it should all go smoothly.
February 04, 2015


Upgrade to 600 dpi. Worth it!
January 22, 2015


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