An 80th Birthday Surprise Becomes the Best Gift of All Time

Finding the perfect birthday gift to give a loved one is always a challenge—especially when that loved one is celebrating their 80th birthday!


So, what do you get the octogenarian that has everything? We recommend a sentimental trip down Memory Lane. At least, that’s what ScanMyPhotos customer Elena Shockman did to great success.


A few months before her 80th birthday, Elena and her grandmother started to work together on their family tree.


“My grandmother and I sat down and went over our family tree that she and her sister had made. As we were going through the print photos of the relatives that went along with the tree, I spotted some really old photos of great, great grandparents and great grandparents. My grandmother told me cute anecdotes and stories to go along with the photos.”


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Sibling Rivalry Complicates Inheritance: Why Digitizing Family Print Photos Must Be Outsourced

digitizing family print photosThe passing of parents and/or the inheritance of an estate can be a difficult and complicated time for family members. Issues can arise over the remaining unclaimed stuff—antique furniture, old clothes, and, of course, the boxes of family photos. Oftentimes one sibling is burdened or guilted into finding a way to store and keep the lost loved one’s things. And it’s a burden that’s difficult to bear.


This was the issue facing College Confidential user, Montegut, who posted a recent thread asking the community for advice on how to deal with her siblings after her parents’ passing. Apparently, after the death of her mother, Montegut was asked to hold onto her mother’s furniture, belongings, and print photos until her siblings could come and get them. Since she didn’t have room for these items in her home, she was using money out of her own pocket to rent a storage space. However, her siblings haven’t picked up or claimed any of the stuff for years and are now asking Montegut to be responsible for digitizing family print photos.


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How Many Backups Should You Have? Ensure the Safety of Your Digital Photos

how many backupsSeptember is National Preparedness Month—a time where we encourage everyone to create a plan for when disaster might strike. For us here at ScanMyPhotos, disaster comes in many forms—whether it’s an act of nature (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.), a divorce, separation or death, or a computer or electronic device crashing. That last one is something we want to create a plan for this September—particularly when it comes to determining how many backups you should have for your digital photos.


We’ve heard it before—in the blink of an eye thousands of digital photos can get wiped out when a hard drive gets corrupted or a computer starts blinking the blue screen of death. This is especially true for digital photos that were taken in the early days of digital photography. Some of these photos were taken before the cloud and are living on laptops or SM cards that are tucked away in storage.


Having backups created is essential, but many people believe it stops with simply backing up photos to the cloud. The truth is: your photos are only as safe as the number of backups you have.


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Poll: Divorce #1 Reason People Digitize Family Photos

Stack of photos, bulk scanningThe business of supporting people during a divorce is emotional, highly delicate and sensitive. When it comes to who keeps the family pictures, how can you observe civility and evenly share those memories from happier times?


The only thing inexpensive and amiable about a marital split is who gets to keep the memories pictured in photographs. The in-laws, “out-laws” and everyone in the family can easily get archived digital copies from all their photos.


Today’s sorrowful news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are reportedly calling a quit to their marriage, evokes a very common question, who gets the family pictures?


In today’s all-digital world, the answer is as simple as a press of the button to easily share everything electronically. But, what about those decades-past analog photos, 35mm slides and film negatives? That task is much more arduous, and often enters a caustic battle over who gets to retain the family pictures.


During the past two months, has conducted an outreach campaign asking people why they digitize pictures? The answers from 940 respondents were across the board– from the expected family reunions, anniversaries, and even memorial services. The second most popular reason why people digitize pictures is due to all the popular photo-sharing apps, like Google Photos, Instagram and Twitter. Archiving pictures on Upthere and other cloud storage services ranked high, too.


However, in a heavy-hearted reaction, the most common reason people digitize pictures is due to a separation, where a couple needs to divide their possessions. This is often followed by combative discussions, which occasionally end up costing thousands in legal fees. And, that is before a single picture is digitized. It is highly emotional. Reexamining pictures from yesteryear and happier times is a particularly sensitive undertaking.


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Should You Hire a Personal Memoirist to Honor Your Family’s Legacy?

personal memoirist It’s an issue we are all too familiar with here at ScanMyPhotos. Every day we preserve thousands of print photos, videos, and negatives for families who are looking to honor legacies and pass memories and history down to future generations. The tales we’ve heard through the scanning process have been incredible—whether it’s someone’s great grandfather moving across the country on the back of a Harley Davidson or a granddaughter preserving the photo of her great, great, great grandmother taken in the late 1800s.


This is why the New York Times article Have a Story to Tell? Your Personal Memoirist Is Here made an immediate impact on us.


The article itself follows Modern Memoirs, a company based in Amherst, Massachusetts that employs a three-person staff dedicated to assisting clients in the creation of memoirs. They conduct professional interviews, edit and do light fact checking, work on book design, and more.


When Isaac Ehrlich—who is profiled in the NYT article above—is questioned about the price of hiring Modern Memoirs, he responded, “It’s my mother, the cost doesn’t mean anything.”


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