Stepping into the Future with Online Scrapbooking

While traditional scrapbooking may be hard to ditch for some enthusiasts, it is arguably the better choice and the reasons to go digital are quite convincing. However, it is important when choosing to switch over to pick the right program to fit your needs. Here are some guidelines to consider when switching over.

Why switch?


Digital ScrapbookingOnline scrapbooking turns the time consuming, expensive hobby into something stress-free and simple while still remaining a hands on experience. Digital scrapbooking can be found at low costs and even for free! This means no more shelling out for endless supplies that require lots of space to work with and often times get messy and unorganized. Plus, working online with digitized photos will ensure a backup of your work so room for mistakes is allowed and your creations will be easy to share rather than gathering dust on a bookshelf. Continue reading