Digitizing 35mm Slide Carousels Made Easy

Transform Your Memories: How To Digitize 35mm Slide Carousels. 

affordable KODAK slide carousel scanning Answering Your Questions: Digitizing Over 100 Boxes of 35mm Slide Carousels.

The article concerns a ScanMyPhotos customer question: “I have more than 100 boxes of 35mm slide carousels that need to be digitized. Can you do this? How do I order it and send in my slides?” ScanMyPhotos offers an affordable and efficient solution to digitize these treasures, ensuring your memories are preserved for future generations.

ScanMyPhotos.com, the trailblazer in high-volume photo scanning, has unleashed a digital marvel that revolutionizes extracting digital copies from 35mm slide carousels. Just picture those nostalgic yellow boxes brimming with family memories—now, they resurface after decades of obscurity, poised to breathe new life into your cherished family history captured in plastic slide archival storage trays.

ScanMyPhotos Unleashes Digital Marvel: Revolutionizes 35mm Slide Carousel ScanningHarnessing their expertise in preserving over a billion snapshots since 1990 and spearheading rapid photo scanning, the photo archival service proudly unveils another digital breakthrough. This time, they tackle the formidable challenge of bulk 35mm KODAK® slide carousel scanning, deftly navigating the treacherous waters of pre-digital photography.


Driven by their unwavering commitment to problem-solving, the quest to unearth forgotten family history has unearthed an affordable solution for procuring digital copies from analog 35mm slide carousels. With awe-inspiring prowess, ScanMyPhotos introduces a transformative service, meticulously digitizing up to 140 slides per carousel.

It costs just $59.95 per carousel to digitize it. During this introduction, the limit per order is 45 carousels. You pay for delivery to us—we recommend either FedEx Ground or USPS Ground service.



Relive Your Hidden Travel Adventures: ScanMyPhotos.com Introduces Affordable Carousel Scanning


Our memories are often scattered across various devices and platforms in this digital age. But tucked away in many homes lie treasure troves of forgotten travel adventures, captured on 35 mm slides and stored in carousels. These visual time capsules remained unseen and untouched since they were developed, leaving countless cherished memories languishing in obscurity. However, thanks to ScanMyPhotos.com, a groundbreaking service is now available to relive those long-lost moments. Carousel scanning, priced at just $59.95, offers a cost-effective and convenient solution to unlock Main image for KODAK® Carousel Slide Scanning.and revive the magic of our past journeys.

Rediscovering the Forgotten

Decades ago, 35 mm slides were a popular medium for capturing and preserving precious memories. These tiny frames, each holding a moment frozen in time, let people relive their travel adventures through vivid images. However, digital photography became the norm as technology evolved, rendering traditional slides obsolete and relegating them to dusty attics and forgotten corners.

For many, sifting through old slide carousels is a bittersweet experience. Fond memories resurface as they rediscover the slides that captured their youthful spirits, exotic destinations, and priceless moments with loved ones. However, without the proper means to view or digitize these slides, their beauty and significance remain locked away from the world.

Introducing ScanMyPhotos

Digital copies from 35mm slide carousels ScanMyPhotos recognized the need to bridge the gap between nostalgia and the digital era. Additionally, it helps you effortlessly access and share your hidden travel adventures. The company, renowned for its exceptional scanning services, has revolutionized the industry by offering carousel scanning at an incredibly affordable price of just $59.95.

By trusting the photo archival experts at ScanMyPhotos, customers send in their old slide carousels and have them professionally scanned and digitized. The team at ScanMyPhotos employs advanced technology and high-resolution scanners to ensure optimal quality and accuracy during digitization.

As the scanning price is a mere $59.95, please avail yourself of the additional add-on services (fees listed on the order page) to enhance your order and elevate your archival experience to new heights.

Mitch Goldstone, Chief Photo Archivist at ScanMyPhotos, reveals that the most burning inquiry among photo archivists centers on the elusive art of sharing digital copies from 35mm slide carousels. A question is how to upload those slide transparencies to all the popular photo-sharing apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snap, TikTok, and Twitter. Once you get your standard JPEG digital files back, it’s easy-peasy.

Until now, online photo-sharing has predominantly been graced by smartphone snapshots. Many inadvertently leave behind the treasure troves of analog slide memories locked within the hallowed confines of those age-old 35mm slide carousels. Moreover, transparent film positives are mounted in plastic frame holders. These memories have remained dormant and unseen since their initial development decades ago.

Fear not; the photo conversion provider has triumphed over the daunting challenge of economically and expeditiously digitizing those long-forgotten KODAK® 35mm slide carousels. Like intrepid explorers, they embark on each carousel, meticulously scanning every nook and cranny of those standard 35mm mounted slides.

And the best part? This incredible service begins at a tantalizingly affordable price of $59.95 each. 

Alternative image 1 for KODAK® Carousel Slide Scanning.In the blink of an eye: Rediscover the joys of those bygone travel adventures, heartwarming family gatherings, and captivating events, all discreetly locked away within those time-worn slide carousels.

Revel in the breathtakingly detailed digital files as ScanMyPhotos meticulously scans your entire KODAK® slide carousel at a staggering 4,000 dpi (JPEG files), imbuing them with unrivaled high-resolution glory.

Embrace the allure of ordering popular add-on extras, including the lightning-fast ScanFast same-day scanning, guaranteeing an instantaneous immersion in your newfound digital treasures.

Experience the future of preservation at your fingertips by placing your order today, right from the comfort of your home, through the all-new ScanMyPhotos.com online portal.

For all your photo media needs, embark on a captivating journey through the brand-new ScanMyPhotos.com website. Instant ordering awaits, ready to transform your photographic dreams into tangible realities. The digitizing service also includes getting digital copies of your photographs, film negatives, and home movies.


Most KODAK carousels fit 80-140 slides. Pay just $59.95 to have each professionally digitized. Each 35mm slide is scanned at our highest resolution (4000 dpi as JPEG files). No prorating. Pack your order in any size box required for your carousels and use any carrier you prefer. We do not provide shipping boxes and recommend you send them to our Irvine, CA headquarters via FedEx Ground or USPS Ground. Th

Why Digitize Your 35mm Slide Carousels?

Discover the Benefits of Digitization

In today’s digital age, our memories are scattered across various devices. Yet, your most precious moments captured on 35mm slides remain locked away, unseen for decades. With ScanMyPhotos.com, you can bring these memories back to life in stunning digital clarity for just $59.95 per carousel.

How It Works

Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Carousels

  1. Place Your Order: Visit ScanMyPhotos.com and place your order online for just $59.95 per carousel.
  2. Prepare Your Carousels: Pack your 35mm slide carousels securely in any size box and ship them to our Irvine, California headquarters using your preferred carrier.
  3. Professional Digitization: Upon receiving your order, our trained professionals handle every step of the digitization process onsite. Each slide is scanned at a high resolution of 4000 dpi to ensure optimal quality.
  4. Enjoy Your Digital Memories: Once digitized, your slides are transformed into JPEG files, ready to be shared and enjoyed on any digital platform.

Why Choose ScanMyPhotos.com?

Leaders in Photo Scanning and Preservation

ScanMyPhotos has preserved over one billion photos since 1990, earning a reputation for excellence in photo scanning. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled, backed by our 100% Happiness Pledge Guarantee.

Revolutionary Technology

Our proprietary scanning technology allows us to efficiently scan up to 140 slides per carousel, ensuring a quick turnaround time without compromising quality. Rediscover your hidden travel adventures and family gatherings with ScanMyPhotos.com.

Additional Services

Enhance Your Experience. Explore our additional add-on services to elevate your archival experience further. From same-day scanning options to expedited shipping, we offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Join the Digital Revolution

Order Today and Preserve Your Memories. Don’t let your cherished memories remain hidden in old slide carousels. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have entrusted ScanMyPhotos.com to digitize their precious moments. Visit our website today to place your order and embark on a journey to rediscover your past through the lens of modern technology.


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Call to Action: Ready to relive your memories? Visit ScanMyPhotos.com to digitize your 35mm slide carousels today and preserve your family history for future generations. Order now and experience the magic of rediscovering your past through digital transformation.

By choosing ScanMyPhotos.com, you’re not just preserving photos – you’re preserving memories. Join us in celebrating the past while embracing the future of digital preservation.