10 Tips For ‘National Nostalgia Month’ at ScanMyPhotos.com

What is National Nostalgia MonthJune is National Nostalgia Month, inspired by a heartfelt moment on NBC’s 3rd Hour of Today. During the show profiling ScanMyPhotos, co-host Dylan Dreyer experienced a touching reaction upon seeing her baby photos and home movies we scanned for her.

The emotional Today Show story (linked here) resonated with many viewers and sparked the idea to dedicate June to celebrating nostalgia.

How many of the ten activities below will you do? If you know of other ways you’ll celebrate National Nostalgia Month, please let us know so we can add them.

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10 tips for National Nostalgia Month

The 3rd Hour of The Today Show.



Watch. Get Inspired. Go Digital.

To our entire photo scanning community and all the Today Show viewers who shared their feedback, we listened!

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Grateful for all your feedback.

“I’m surprising my mom with them today!! I’m so excited to watch these old videos! Thank you for giving me back our memories!” — Dylan Dreyer, NBC News & Today Show Co-Host

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USA TODAY just published: “Digital copies of old photos can keep your memories alive. Here’s how to scan them.” Click to read.

Click to watch the live on-air reaction as Dylan saw her childhood home movies and photos for the first time.

Techish: “As Seen On The Today Show: The Best Ways To Digitize Your Photos and Preserve Precious Memories.”


Enjoy National Nostalgia Month as a delightful celebration designed to help you reconnect with your past and relive cherished memories.

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