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Tech Talk Radio Podcast Interview: ScanMyPhotos.comA recent article was put together by Journalist Michael Liedtke of the Associated Press about the service from friend of the show Mitch Goldstone of ScanMyPhotos.

In the Article, Michael talks about getting his recently passed father’s photos digitized and the process made easier by Scan My Photos. We welcome back CEO Mitch Goldstone who shares the story of the Associated Press Article and about how ScanMyPhotos did the same for the Late Ed Asners family.

The discussion can also serve as a reminder on the importance of getting photos, slides and even film digitized to preserve memories. Natural Disasters, Bad Storage and fading over time can damage these memories. Mitch tells us of how they do this digital perservation and the easy steps involved, and, in some cases, the Scan Fast Service can be done in One Day. This has allowed families to put together tributes for birthdays, anniversaries or sadly memorial services with photos that may have never been digitized.

A Big task of trying to do this yourself, is the organizing. ScanMyPhotos can help collate the images. Mitch tells us how can digitize about 1000 photos in five minutes with care and amazing detail in the finished results. Mitch shares how the Frame By Frame Capture for 16mm and 8mm Film is handled and the benefits. Find out more at


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