Better Than an ‘EGOT.’ ScanMyPhotos’ Podcast Interviews

Better Than an ‘EGOT.’

In entertainment, there’s the coveted EGOT award— the achievement of winning all four major American entertainment awards (i.e., an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony). In photography and tech, it’s being a guest on the top tech podcasts.

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Below are several of our favorite podcast interviews from superstar tech journalists discussing photo scanning and the stories behind ScanMyPhotos. Enjoy.

For PICTURE THIS, today we are discussing photo scanning and the stories behind ScanMyPhotos. Enjoy.

Rich Demuro is syndicated on stations nationwide through Premiere Networks.

Rich shares tech news, helpful tips, and gadget reviews with his national audience every week. In this segment, he interviews ScanMyPhotos’ CEO in the studio.

Jefferson Graham is an avid photographer and tech journalist, formerly at USA TODAY.

Mitch Goldstone at Scanmyphotos sits in with Jefferson Graham to answer your questions about getting old prints, slides, and negatives scanned on the Photowalk.

Marsha Collier is a prolific author, radio personality, and podcast host.

On her radio podcast, she interviews ScanMyPhotos with updates from the world of photo archival preservation and the business of digitizing pictures.

Marc Saltzman has reported on the tech industry since 1996. He is a journalist, author, radio, and TV personality.

“We have a special treat as ScanMyPhotos shares its passion for digitally preserving the nation’s photos. It’s time to digitize your photos and home movies.”

Frederick Van Johnson is the longtime host of This Week in Photo (TWiP).

“Mitch Goldstone of ScanMyPhotos joins me to discuss the ins and outs of scanning in today’s high-tech world.”

Amber Mac is among the most prolific tech expert journalists

From the world of digital imaging, tune into this SiriusXM THE FEED Amber Mac and Michael Bancroft interview with ScanMyPhotos

Andy Taylor has been in Broadcasting for over 20 years.

Learn about preserving your photo memories with ScanMyPhotos and their latest tech innovations for archiving your pictures, slides, home movies, and more.