From Overwhelm to Inertia: Why People Delay Digitizing Pictures

Procrastination is the number one reason not to digitize pictures.

It’s a common occurrence among all of us to procrastinate. So what drives us to delay tasks until the very last minute? This article explores how procrastination will no longer be the Kryptonite to spring cleaning.

The reasons may vary from person to person, but here are the most common ones: difficulty understanding the task and not knowing where to begin, prioritizing other tasks that require immediate attention, lack of motivation and boredom, setting unattainable standards for ourselves, disorganization and inability to work efficiently, getting distracted by the use of social media and television, feeling fatigued and not wanting to part with treasured items. Our top ten list follows below.

When it comes to digitally preserving our family memories in the form of photographs, 35mm slides, and old home movies, procrastination can cause us to miss out on invaluable opportunities.

It is not uncommon to see piles of photo albums, slides, and old home movies collecting dust in many households. We might appreciate and value these physical media but often leave it up to later to scan them – a mistake that can cost us our cherished memories. If your photo albums are caked in dust, hidden away in attics, then it is time to bring back those memories.

From Overwhelm to Inertia: Why People Delay Digitizing Pictures.

So what prompts us to put off digitizing our life’s collection of photographs and why is it beneficial to scan them? Firstly, the task of sorting through an accumulation of photos, slides, and home movies can be intimidating, and the thought of having to digitize them all may seem overwhelming. Besides that, not everyone may have the proper equipment or skills to carry out the project, and seeking out a trustworthy service provider takes time.

On the contrary, scanning your photos, slide film, and home movies will come with multiple rewards. It is the perfect way to safeguard and keep these memories safe from being damaged due to age, deterioration, and even natural disasters.

Moreover, sharing and enjoying these moments with friends and family across the world will be simpler. Besides, it provides us with the much-needed space to declutter our homes as all our scanned pictures, slides, and home movies can be kept on the computer, hard drive, or in the cloud.

Last but not least, tagging and categorizing our scanned pictures makes it easier to find certain memories when needed, saving us a lot of time.

In summary, procrastination is natural and easy to understand, but scanning photos, slides, and home movies provides us with advantages that make it difficult to ignore. Not only can we protect our memories from being lost forever, but also have the opportunity to free up some much-needed space in our homes and save time when looking for certain memories.

With trusted service providers like ScanMyPhotos, the task of digitizing your memories has never been simpler or more accessible. So don’t let procrastination stand in the way of you preserving your lifetime of pictures.

So why wait? Don’t let procrastination hold you back from digitizing your lifetime of pictures today.

Ten Reasons We All Procrastinate:

1              The task is overwhelming and we don’t know where to start.

2              There are other competing priorities deemed more important.

3              A lack of motivation to do the task.

4              Afraid of making mistakes or not doing the task well.

5              Often times, the task is boring or uninteresting.

6              Many are perfectionists and feel that the task cannot be done to their high standards.

7              Many are disorganized and do not know how to go about the task.

8              There are distractions by other things such as social media or television.

9              Experiencing a lack of energy or feeling lethargic.

10           A fear of letting go of things and being emotionally attached to our possessions.