The Nostalgia Retro-Edition Quiz

A blast from the past! How many of these things have you never used? Ring a bell?
The Nostalgia Retro-Edition
Keep score! For each item you haven’t used, add one point. Start the quiz and watch the video below.
It’s time to scan your favorite photographs, slides, negatives, and home movies to relive the magical memories of the past.
At ScanMyPhotos, you can easily convert these precious artifacts of your life into digital formats to store them in a timeless way.
Take a look at three reasons why nostalgia is essential for remembering:
1) Nostalgia helps us tap into past memories and emotions that bring warmth and contentment. Thinking about special memories that made us happy helps us remember our history and creates a comforting feeling.
2) When looking back on our lives, it allows us to build a sense of personal identity and figure out who we are today. By examining our memories and photographs, we can trace our steps to see how we’ve become the person we are now.
3) Nostalgic experiences give us an opportunity to connect with others who share our history and common memories. Showing pictures of your days gone by can help create strong bonds with those you love. By going down memory lane together, you can easily connect with family and friends.

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