6 reasons why many procrastinate and do not digitize their pictures

Where are your photo albums, home movies, and 35mm slides? Are they digitized?

6 reasons for procrastinating about transferring analog photos to digital copies are baffling. They wait and they wait until they wait some more. And then they make the mistake of not scanning their photos.

6 reasons why many procrastinate and do not digitize their pictures:

1) Lack of Awareness: Some people may not know how important it is to preserve their analog photos, or they may not understand the importance of preserving them in a digital format. That is why reading articles like this Forbes profile on the reporter’s experience and having their 35mm slides scanned can help inspire many. 

2) Cost: Digital preservation can be an expensive process, and people may not have the funds or resources to invest in it. View the entire menu of photo archival services at ScanMyPhotos for simple ordering and affordable (way inexpensive) prices to unclutter your home from boxes of slides to dusty photo albums. 

3) Time Constraints: People may not have the time to sort through their old photos and digitize them, especially if they have a large collection. ScanMyPhotos digitizes 1,000 photos every five minutes and 35mm slides are archived at 4,000 high-resolution dpi one each second. Their ScanFast same-day express scanning and instant uploading to view your completed files is another perk unavailable elsewhere. 

4) Technological Inadequacies: Some people may not have the technology or technical skills required to digitize their photos. Those DIY home scanners cost hundreds of dollars before a single photo is scanned.

5) Emotional Attachment: People may be attached to their physical photographs and find it difficult to let go of them, even if it means risking their preservation.

6) Inertia: People may simply put it off because it seems like a daunting task, or they may not prioritize it compared to other responsibilities and tasks.

With that in mind, various factors could lead to people not preserving their old photos in a digital form. It is important to note that digitizing your photos is how they are saved and made accessible to the next generations.

This Weather Channel TV news segment reminds everyone why digitally preserving and planning ahead must be a priority:


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