How to Disrupt hyperinflation? Lower Prices!

SUBJECT: ScanMyPhotos establishes a $150,000 inflation-buster Economic Assistance Fund to cover its 70 percent price reduction to digitize the nation’s archives of photo snapshots

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As a photo archivist and business owner for over thirty years, our passion is to digitally preserve the nation’s archives of photo memories.

The challenge is the effects of soaring inflation and consumers cutting back on purchases. Digitizing pictures is more of a necessity–billions of pre-digital photo memories are destroyed each year due to natural disasters and deteriorating from the ravages of time.

How to Disrupt hyperinflation? Lower Prices!

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THE PROBLEM: Rising prices have been a struggle for many small business owners. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce published a report detailing how small businesses feel the effects of inflation–many are less confident in the national and local economy and the current cash flow situation. The survey found that 88 percent of small businesses are concerned about the U.S. entering an economic downturn next year, with 54 percent saying they are very concerned. Businesses and consumers are struggling with rising prices and soaring inflation. The financial ramifications of higher inflation are leading to a slowdown in purchases.

THE SOLUTION: just cuts prices by 70 percent. To inspire every-sized business, the antidote is providing an eye-popping discount–something not even offered during “Black Friday” or Cyber Monday.” This ScanMyPhotos Economic Assistance Program was also designed as a roadmap to stimulate other companies to provide similar inflation-busting price cuts. To coincide with the campaign, ScanMyPhotos established a $150,000 fund to cover the costs of its inflation-buster economic assistance program, saving consumers 70 percent on their orders. While lowering prices by 70 percent affects the bottom line, consumers will remember what you did, which helps build long-term loyalty while helping the economy recover.

The discount is instantly activated at when entering this promo code at checkout: StopInflation.

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