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ScanMyPhotos is another popular Legacybox competitor, and it offers a wide range of services similar to those provided by Legacybox, except for audio media. In addition, ScanMyPhotos can digitize everything from photos, slides, negatives, videotapes, and films, making it an excellent competitor for Legacybox.

Unlike others, ScanMyPhotos has Photo Restoration. They professionally restore your photos to look brand new with options like photo colorization, eye retouching, image cropping, removal of some objects from the image, etc.

They can send your scanned and digitized media to you on DVDs, USB drives, or the cloud. Most digitizing orders are completed on average within 2-4 weeks, and they also offer a 1-day scanning option for photos.

ScanMyPhotos Pricing

Photo Conversion prices begin as low as $0.10 per photo with standard 72DPI quality up to $0.23 per photo with professional 600 DPI quality, and the service also has a same-day scanning option.

Also, they offer a Prepaid Photo Scanning Box, which can fit up to 1,800 photos whit starting price of $0.09 per photo and $170 per box, including free delivery.

You won’t find this wide range of options, quality, and prices with other services.

Slide Conversion goes low at $0.21 per slide, but the minimum order fee is $20. Also, the price may vary on the resolution and quality you choose.


The pricing for 35mm negatives starts at $0.47 per frame for 2.000DPI (6MP) and $0.89 per frame for 4.000 (16MP). 120mm negatives begin at $1.97 per frame for 1.000DPI (6MP), and APS starts at $7.95 per roll for 2.000DPI (6MP) and for 4.000 (16MP) at $12.95 per roll.

VHS to DVD price is $19.95 per tape, 8mm to DVD is $0.19 per foot, and 16mm to DVD starts at $0.25 per foot

DVD is included in the price of converting tape or film, which is $19.95. Cloud storage starts at $4.95 for 5 days + $5 per tape, and the USB drive starts at $15.95 + $5 conversion per tape.

Key selling points for ScanMyPhotos are:

  • Lowest prices for photo digitizing
  • You can choose the digitization quality of photos, slides, and negatives
  • Photo Restoration
  • You can digitize a single item or order a prepaid box
  • Fastest process time for photos

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